1. R


    Guys apologies. I am trying to help out someone. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to send APRS message to EMAIL and SMS Here is what I do on my TH-D74 1. Turning on APRS12 by Bressing (F) + 5 2. Pressing 4 to go to message list menu 3. Pressing Menu->New 4. In "To:" filed I...
  2. J

    BCD996P2: Saving Changes to Settings

    Hello All! I just purchased a Uniden BCD996P2 and I have what is the first of what will probably be many questions. I read on the forum that I could change the P25 threshold to manual setting. However, when I turn the scanner back on the changes did not hold. Also, I changed the display to...
  3. A

    GMRS settings

    I am looking to program my kt-8900 to the GMRS frequencies using CHIRP. Does anyone have the GMRS settings (or a link to them) including the tone and other settings that I may need?
  4. I

    Alinco : DJ—X11 will only Show Japanern Charakters

    Hallo After Resetting my dj—x11 it will only offer me japanese characters when Saving a Name to a Channel. Anybody know How to Switch that to englisch ?? Thanks Imkesun
  5. V

    P25 Threshold Setting on 325P2

    Is there some way to make a permanent adjustment to the P25 threshold setting on the BCD325P2? I know how to change it, turning it on holding the "Hold" button, then in settings making the adjustment, but once you turn it off, it defaults back to Auto again next time you power up. Is the only...
  6. G

    Pro-651: Pro 106 and Pro 651 Expert Settings Differences

    Does anyone know exactly what differences there are in the Expert Settings between the Pro651 and the Pro106? I know about the RSSI Threshold and the Zeromatic Threshold InHi differences, but there must be more. I have a pro 651 and pro106 programmed exactly alike sitting side by side and the...
  7. K

    GRE PSR-500: Optimum settings for RWC/TRWC reception?

    I was wondering if anyone has found the optimum settings for a GRE PSR-500, for monitoring the RWC & TOPAZ RWC? I program by hand, as I don't have a useable computer, so if you can translate software settings to manual settings, it'd be appreciated. I also need to update the firmware for my...
  8. ND3U

    PSR-800 and Philadelphia

    I seem to be having trouble configuring my 800 for Philadelphia. I made the appropriate adjustments per the RR Philadelphia page and I only get noise. Could someone please send me the settings. Thanks in advance. Brandon, ND3U
  9. W

    BCD396XT: Newbie seeks help to improve reception

    This is my first post here. I've been reading through the forum and trying to find information that might help apparent reception problems I'm having with my brand new BCD396XT scanner. First off, I'm trying to listen to a P25 system in Linn County, Iowa. I have used FreeScan to program the...
  10. Joe91

    Best SDR# settings for ACARS? Bandwidth?

    I've had very poor results trying PDW (despite success with POCSAG paging) so I'll give ACARSD a try after reading a helpful thread here. But I'm puzzled what exactly should be the settings for SDR# (RTL dongle). Looking at the waterfall zoomed in, it seems to use a fair old chunk of a 25kHz...
  11. V

    Kenwood TK-2207

    Just purchased radio on line from China to add to our vhf portable collection for our fire department in Ontario Canada. I am able to to connect and write and do any programming I need but I am not having much luck in making the radio work after I write to it. Initially I had a tone when I...
  12. J

    Pro 106 Setting/Setting

    I pick up my from ebay.I noticed there were no serial # on the back of the scanner.The seller told me that it was the same way when he got it.Anyway was going to check it out,so I went over a friend of mine who got his from radio shack.My friend 106 for example ,showed 138 to 174 radio...