1. idaviss45

    Setting up CTCSS Tones on a PR400

    I recently purchased a Motorola PR400 (to use as a scanner for a local fire department) and I programmed frequencies as a conventional personalities. I'm able to hear them, but I would like to set up tones as the frequencies have them listed. Any guides to do so? Ps. I know its kinda confusing...
  2. H

    Can't find Hytera software for flashing

    Hello. I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this thread is in the wrong place but I'm kind of frustrated and borderline desperate. first off, I'm trying to get a PD362 and PD 782 to work but I need software called Flashburn v9 to finish the process, I tried the 3/5 but didn't get anywhere...
  3. H

    Kenwood DMR Tier 2 configuration problem

    Hello, this is my first post here and indeed my first time to ask a question concerning DMR with which I am very much a newbie. As a part of a large construction project a client has installed two Kenwood THR-D810-E repeaters for use with some 30 or so Kenwood TK-D340 handhelds for security...
  4. U

    Anyone who can give me pointers....

    I recently dusted off my RS PRO-95 after moving to Richmond, VA and am trying to set it up for the localities here. I've reset the unit, and programmed in the frequencies here but after thirty minutes there was no traffic (I was at the VRS and we definitely had traffic over the radios). So I...
  5. H

    Help reinstalling Sentinel software needed!

    I have a BCD536HP scanner. I was able to install the Sentinel software onto my laptop when I first purchased my scanner without any problems. I recently had to replace the hard drive on my laptop and in the process have tried reinstalling the Sentinel software onto the new hard drive. Here's...
  6. R

    Interested in setting up a Discone Antenna

    Hey RR users, I've been playing with SDR, And it's really a lot of fun, and a great entrance to the Radio world. I'm wanting to set up a Discone Antenna for general listening, I'd obviously want this on my Roof. I don't come from any engineering or electrical backgrounds, However I know the...
  7. D

    Yaesu: Current 2017 Signalink and Yaesu 857D How To?

    Hi Folks, I just bought a brand new Signalink USB to hook up to my also new (to me) Yeasu 857D ...... It's sort of alive (grin) but I can't actually find any good guides on the net that will walk me thru a step-by-step how-to. Does anyone have one or just some old notes or suggestions? I've...
  8. B

    anyone in central maryland pro651 setup help needed

    could use a little help , using the scanner as therapy, long story , I got the pro 651 , still a shock , when we were kids everyone had a cb or a scanner and the whole block would come outside to help when a fire truck pulled up not stand around just to look or make a utube clip and now a...
  9. E

    how to input my area in proscan help for dummies

    Can someone tell me how you input your area into the radiofeed on proscan? I listen to broadcastify, but I would like to listen to the more specific feeds. Does it go somewhere in the source client? yikes.. don't understand this.. thanks!!
  10. W

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Help please

    Hi. I purchased a BCD436HP recently. Tried to set it up using ZIP code. It programs my scanner for adjoining state 100 miles away as well as my state and national database. When I try an adjoining ZIP code it gets closer, but I hear almost nothing on my local P25 network, except for one rescue...
  11. D

    2006 Chevy Tahoe LT POV Setup

    I'm a volunteer firefighter and currently obtaining my EMT status. My vehicle is primarily used to respond to the station but occasionally I respond direct. I also am a ham radio operator. I do apologize in advance since the quality of the photos are bad, but the uploader wouldn't let me upload...
  12. C


    I have a realistic trc-418 cb hooked up in my truck. The antenna is a 102'' one from radio shack. It is mounted on the side of my toolbox with a mirror mount bracket and an antenna spring. I am new to cb radios but it seems to me that I am getting a lot of static and there is only a few channels...
  13. WX9RLT

    What lovely setup I have ;p

    Well heres my lovely shack Feedback welcomed :) I am running a Scanner ~ Pro-197 RS digital scanner Software ~ Scanner Recorder Pro and for the feed I run Scannercast and also RadioFeed I have a paper with all the 10 codes, so if I forget a code, all I have to do is look at the sheet.
  14. D

    Digital Communications Radio System

    I am looking to set up a digital, secure, long distance network where I would have 4 transceivers in cars and a base station. I trust that with digital distance would be really good. - What are my options? - What equipment should I use? - How much will it cost (long and short term) to...
  15. F

    I need help setting up BCD996XT online

    Running RadioFeed with Serial Port Monitor on a BCD996XT. I can see the data going through the serial port, but the sound card is still connected. Is it normal for the feed to go through the sound card from the serial port? Or did I miss a setting somewhere? Mike
  16. P

    PRO-164 Trunking setup

    ive had my Pro-164 for almost 5 months, i know that my area isnt big for trunking at all. the local police use regular anolog frequencies but there are some businesses that use trunking from what ive heard. No place i have looked online has any info on these trunking systems in my area. im...
  17. B

    System Setup, Square One, Kenwood TK-840s

    Hello All, Let me first start by saying I have very little knowledge of the radio world but am very interested in learning. I do have a pretty good grasp on computers and hope I can get the same grasp on radios. We have a fairly large trucking company where we have 70 Kenwood TK-840s in...
  18. L

    Neophyte help (brand new PRO-163)

    I'm absolutely new to this; while I grasp theory, the practice seems to be eluding me. The manual for the PRO-163 reads as if there is an assumed base level of knowledge, which means I am grasping at straws. I've tried to set up the scanner using the data on RadioReference for Fairfax County...