1. citygirlleosprtr

    Law Enforcement Channel(s) To Listen To In New Jersey?

    Hi, I'm Chloe. I am not comfortable with forums, so I hope I am doing this correctly. I listen to public safety comms from around the world and I really wanted a NJ channel. I use Scanner Radio and Police Scanner. Recently, I have been listening to agencies from On Patrol: Live. Tonight, I am...
  2. S

    Listening to LASD: What am I missing?

    Hello! I've been listening to LASD (mostly dispatch and L-TAC) radios for a while and, from what I've heard, they are very low volume, compared to something like County Fire or even CHP. Naturally, I turn up the volume offset to (mostly) match the other agencies to which I'm listening. However...
  3. amoking

    EBRCS Contra Costa Sheriff 7725 traffic??

    I have heard dispatch on this the last few days. 7725 is listed as Training. Sounds like Central County (but not a simulcast of 7712) and/or Concord. Have I just not noticed consistent traffic on there or is it a new thing?
  4. N

    LASD Dispatch 1 Altadena

    I've been monitoring LA Co Sheriff Dispatch 1 Altadena / Crescenta and I've heard 0 radio traffic including L-Tac 8 which is shared with Santa Clarita, anyone else notice or am I now in a dead zone ? I haven't been listening much, but I suspect they might be on C-Tac ?
  5. D

    Sacramento Sheriffs' Office Unit Numbering

    Does anyone know the current unit numbering system for SSO (since they changed to SSO from SSD)?... I am an avid scanner and am wondering about the unit IDs or the unit numbering system. If you have info I thank you in advance.
  6. RenoHuskerDu

    Burnet County freqs

    Howdy, I gave up on scanning in Williamson County due to encrypted everything. Now we live in Burnet County. I found these freqs here on this site but also a mention that most moved to GATRRS 155.01000 155.13000 Will I be able to hear anything out here in Burnet County? I'm using a PRO-2067...
  7. S

    Alberta RCMP Sheriff changing radio system??

    I've been listening to the RCMP in northern Alberta for a few years now and it seems they have changed radio systems. I think the new system that they have moved to is encrypted. If there is any news on this please let me know.
  8. AK4FD

    Catawba County info

    Hello guys & gals, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have successfully mapped out all of the Lincoln & Catawba County Fire & EMS pager tones for all their stations, finally... Now I am beginning a new project: mapping out the Catawba County Sheriff stuff. Currently I have begun recording...
  9. S

    154.86MHz UtahCo SherN Sheriff North (linked to UCAN 46112) FM

    About a week ago, the 154.86MHz North Utah County Sheriff Law frequency, linked to UCAN went quiet. Does anyone have any additional information on this? I'm guessing it's gone quiet for good, not just down for repairs as it's almost been a week now. Several other linked frequencies appear to...
  10. M

    Jackson County Public Safety and MSWIN

    So I'm not a dedicated listener of the scanner, but when I do listen to it I'd sure like to hear what's going on. I my neighborhood. So I guess my questions are. Where did our scanner feed go? Are we not getting them back? Why did it get taken away? Any info would help on this matter. From the...
  11. I

    Seminole Fire / Sheriff ?!?!?!

    What happened to the Seminole County Sheriff broadcast feed? The Seminole County Fire feed is still running strong but the Sheriff feed has been down for almost a year and a half now. What is the legality of setting up my own feed to broadcast those talk groups?
  12. J

    Can someone help with information on KALAMAZOO COUNTY SHERIFF radio traffic?

    I'm only hearing bits and pieces of the traffic, I'm just wondering if there is a way to pick it up or if what I'm missing out on is encrypted. I'm scanning with a BCD396XT
  13. K9ROD

    Kendall County Boerne Texas Help

    Anyone out there in this area? I just purchased a Uniden BCD436HP. I've created a favorites list for this area. So far I don't think I've heard any Boerne PD traffic. Is it dispatched on the same channel as the county? If so, does anyone know the break down of the unit numbers, ie. 8509 or...
  14. C

    New Member with Questions *Brown County*

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I purchased a scanner about a year ago. Before that I used an app on my phone. For whatever reason Brown County couldn't be heard on there any more so I bought a scanner. My little boys and I love listening to it. They especially loved...
  15. S

    Kencom Police dispatch

    Hey guys, i was wondering if someone would be able to tell me what channel is actually P1, P2, & P3. Also what frequency does Oswego use to communicate with the Front desk at their office? Im trying to program my radio and i want the best results to be able to hear everything. Also would Kencom...
  16. S

    Madison County, NY Police Freqs

    I'm wondering if there is away to listen to ONLY law enforcement frequencies for Madison County, NY?
  17. R

    Midland County Texas Sheriff

    They seemed to have gone quiet. Have not heard anything on their Primary. Am not noticing anything on the Permian Basin linked system. Anyone know if they just encrypted or migrated over to the Permian Basin Linked System as of yet. Thanks in advance.
  18. K

    Wagoner county S.O. & other systems???

    They have been trying to migrate to a new system for about a year and just recently have changed over to whatever it is...they are keeping the info very secret, nobody seems to know any tech details, not even the several deputies I know personally! They have been told to never let anyone take a...
  19. JamesPrine

    Livingston Parish Sheriff and Fire on LWIN

    Wow, they are really using TG 20013 today instead of their usual scratchy VHF North and South dispatch frequencies. 20039, too, for Parishwide Fire Dispatch.
  20. S

    Kendall County Sheriff's Department

    hey there! i was wondering if anyone knew what frequency the Kendall county sheriff's department is now on? I cant seem to find it and haven't heard them in a long time on 453.47500. Does anyone know what they switched to? Thanks!