shortwave radio

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    Recommendation for Portable SW radio

    Dear all, I want to enter the world of Shortwave radio. I have read several reviews over the Internet all with their pros and cons for portable models. I have a good Budget of up to Eur400. If there are any special features is good sensitivity and selectivity, good performance on the SW band...
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    Any thoughts about better reception in a high-RFI rental environment?

    I moved after owning a house many years to a rental with a high-RFI environment and I'm still, three years later, trying to come to terms with it. The RFI manifests as a persistent wockwockwockwock that drowns out most signals above 8mhz. tracing it with a portable, it's all around the building...
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    Getting started with SDR receivers

    Low cost SDRs are a great way for newcomers to radio to get started. This video which SDRplay put together, illustrates how easy it is to get started with short wave listening using an RSP1A. The tips given, particularly to do with setting up a simple wire antenna, are applicable to all SDRs...
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    Sound equipment question

    Hello. I am a complete noob when it comes to electronics. Recently I got a shortwave radio with plug for headphones. I have had fun with trying to find various international stations (I think this is called DXing) and other sounds. The radio is pretty simple and the sound isn't great. I find a...
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    Longwire Shortwave Antenna Help

    I am looking for advice on getting the best reception for several different portable shortwave radios like the Grundig G-5 and Sangean ATS-803A. I am putting up a 100 foot 12 gauge insulated wire from a stationary post on the top of my house (25 foot high) out to a tree. I have used cable ties...