software defined radio

  1. SDRPlay RSP Duo

    SDRPlay RSP Duo

    Selling SDRPlay RSP Duo as it is not being used. Very low mileage, only a few hours of use in an indoors non-smoking environment. In outstanding condition with original box. Box has a few small tears on rear side. Details of this dual receiver SDR can be found at this link. Asking $230.00...
  2. N

    Communication Protocol between a Drone and USRP

    I am working on a project wherein a signal (preferably ISM) will be sent by a Hackrf one module mounted on a drone. The SNR of the transmitted signal will be calculated by a USRP 2900 placed on the ground. If the calculated SNR is below a certain percentage or a value, then the drone should...
  3. M

    IndexError - Can't run Hackrf_Sweep through Mossmann's

    Merry Christmas!! I already posted this in Mossmann's Github Issue's but I am hoping someone already knows how to navigate this problem I ran a Hackrf_sweep driving around the NRQZ and I’m trying to run the CSVs through Mossmann’s inside rtl-sdr-misc. mossmann/rtl-sdr-misc I split...
  4. C

    Clinton County Unitrunker Scanning Question

    I'm not so sure if this is for the software radio section or for here so I apologize if I didn't post it in the right spot. Recently got into the world of scanning with RTL-SDR's after looking at commercial scanners and the price that they want for them. From the searching on the Michigan...
  5. P

    SDR stream to Broadcastify

    I’m looking at getting a SDR to replace my scanner feed to Broadcastify. I have a few questions: 1) can I just “plug and play”? -if I plug it in will RadioFeed or other software that provides feed to Broadcastify recognize it? 2) playing off the question above, if not what do I need to do to...
  6. SpectralContent

    Trying to Monitor 160mHz railroad band - Issues with constant static/ no reception

    Just started to really get into SDR over the past couple of weeks and wanted to try to monitor local railroads to see how SDR compared to my traditional setup of a Kenwood TK-780 with a 160mhz tuned 3db gain antenna. I attached an identical antenna up to an RTL-SDR stick with the intent of using...
  7. J

    SDRplay RSPduo review available to download

    Mike Richards’ review of the RSPduo, which appeared in the July 2018 edition of RadCom is now available to download from: In it Mike writes: “The RSPduo represents the top-end of the SDRplay RSP...
  8. R

    Short 14 millisecond TETRA pulses not consistently detected in SDR Sharp

    Hi everyone, I am using SDRSharp with an Airspy Mini running at 10 MSPS and I am using 64x decimation. I am tuned to 384.250 mHz and am expecting to receive a pulse from a portofone (transceiver) every 4 seconds. I am using an appropriate dipole TETRA antenna (for the frequency of 380.25 mHz)...
  9. AK4FD

    SDR Software??

    I just got my RTL-SDR dongle other day, brand new version 3... I am wanting anybody's opinions on which software if the best for my SDR dongle? Would like one with a good amount of features/options, but also has good options... Thanks all! :)
  10. J

    SDRplay announces SDRuno software for the RSP

    SDRplay is pleased to announce the official release of SDRuno for the RSP. SDRuno is the new name for the RSP compatible version of Studio1, the rights to which we obtained and announced on 28th April. SDRuno contains native support for the SDRplay RSP and no extra plugins are required. Third...
  11. J

    SDRplay and Studio1 software

    We are delighted to have reached an agreement to acquire Studio1. Studio1 is the perfect complement to our SDR hardware products and gives us the ideal platform to deliver a complete class leading SDR solution for our customers. We look forward to working with Sandro and further developing...
  12. T

    Help to calculate FFT from IQ data

    Hello all, I am relatively new to digital signal processing and software defined radio. I recently purchased a HackRF one to experiment with. After going through Mike Ossmann's great video tutorial series, I decided that I wanted to play around with calculating my own frequency transform given...
  13. S

    SDRplay RSP Information

    We've released more information about the SDRplay RSP... (SDRplay - Downloads) Detailed Technical Information Conceptual Block Diagram Schematics As well as details on the digital AGC scheme and a SDR# plugin. The Windows & Linux APIs are also available for download and Android & Mac are...
  14. S

    what is EMF protection

    Hello to all, what is EMF protection please explain me.
  15. M

    pro-106 w/Win500

    Was wondering if there was a way to log GPS data into Win500 activity log while mobile, would allow for general location of frequency hits while trveling at 50mph +/-, for later use.
  16. M

    Any Michiganders using SDR?

    Hello I like scanning and have a Home Patrol. I'm also dipping my toe in the water for shortwave radio. Does anyone have any experience with software defined radio? Thanks Midland MI