1. S

    I just spent about $20 for this car stereo that has AM, FM, and SW as well

    My friends could not believe I bought one, and that too a used one! But I am glad I did because it can receive SW! It is about 10 years old, so I was told. Reception on SW was not too shabby with a normal car antenna. By the way, newer car stereos cost about $100 in my neck of woods. And...
  2. airsquad9

    Looking for someone to repair my Sony Air-8

    Looking for anyone that's able to work on my Sony Air-8. I just purchased it off eBay and the sound is non-existent. If I turn up the volume all the way, I can almost hear something if I put my ear to the speaker. Found lots of YouTube videos on the fix but I don't know how to solder. I'll pay...
  3. J

    Did I damage my receiver?

    Hello. Ever since I was playing around with my portable today and I accidentally hit a ceiling lamp (metal..) with the telescopic antenna I've been hearing a "buzzing" sound on my portable. No matter what I do it doesn't go away, there's this "buzz buzz buzz buzz" sound. The radio still works, I...
  4. BoboPinky

    Sony Pictures Studios Culver City - Andrews International Security

    I'm looking (I've looked several times, maybe not hard enough or in the right place?) for frequencies etc. that Sony Pictures (SPE) / Andrews International uses at their Culver City, CA location(s). My wife works for Sony in the SPE (the brown / glass / "high rise") building. I'm there often...
  5. R

    Sony's Internet-free (RFID in a CDROM) method for blocking used game sales

    TLDR: Mark of the Beast contender (RFID) makes way to CDROMS as method to communicate with hardware. -- Examining Sony's Internet-free method for blocking used game sales New patent filing describes using RFID chips to tie games to a single user. by Kyle Orland - Jan 3, 2013 5:55 pm UTC...
  6. N

    Help a n00b find a good reciever <$150

    Hello. I'm wanting to get started in the fascinating world of HF monitoring and in particular would like to pick up some local HF transmissions such as the NZ Mountain Radio Service and HF Maritime radio and some international utility services such as Number Stations, Maritime stations...