south carolina

  1. J

    Help in Spartanburg SC

    So I’m looking for some help from someone around Spartanburg area. I know that most Agencies in Spartanburg are on the Palmetto 800 system, I’d like to know what scanner I can get, preferably one I can mount in my vehicle, and preferably one that I could have pre-programmed. Or is there a place...
  2. RadioSc

    Mauldin Fire Department on Palmetto 800

    TGID 44399 I'm hearing dispatched to Mauldin Area on palmetto 800. I heard a fire tone. So I don't think its Mauldin PD.
  3. Romeomike2709

    Unable to Pick up Columbia PD

    Hello, I have been monitoring Columbia PD with my SDS200 for several weeks and today there is nothing from them. I have checked the settings and made sure everything was as it was but still nothing? Is anyone else hearing CPD?
  4. J

    Spartanburg scanner help

    Is a RADIOSHACK PRO-2096 DIGITAL Scanner compatible to receive Spartanburg so and ems?
  5. doctorbubba010

    Hilton head island

    FIRE TONE OUT! My dad was apart of the volunteer fire department in the 90s on the island and I am curious to find the fire tone outs of the area. I want to find out if they are the same or changed with time. He was MEDIC 1. I cant find find this info online. thank you Hilton Head island...
  6. D

    Buying a scanner for York county

    I am wanting to purchase a handheld scanner to monitor York county sheriff as well as the fire departments and municipal police departments. I live within York county so range should not be an issue. I was hoping someone could give me some good suggestions on what type of scanner I need to look...
  7. L

    Update software for SC P-25 in lexington Co

    Lexington County just switched over to the new P-25 system. Suddenly, we are unable to hear the local PD, etc. on our HP 1 and 2s. Is there a download for an upgraded software, or a way to get back in the game?
  8. R

    New Member-York County, SC

    Hello all, New member here. I've been a long time scanner owner and listener. Over the past several years since most everything around my area went to the trunked system I've listened to online broadcasts. Now I am ready to purchase my own digital scanner. I am looking at the Bearcat BCD...
  9. D

    York county live audio help

    Does anyone know why the York county live audio feed is down? The feed quality has been poor lately and then suddenly now it had been offline for a while. Also, does anyone know if there is a way to bring it back online??
  10. mikesatter

    Uniden Home Patrol in Anderson, SC

    Does anyone use a Uniden Home Patrol in Anderson, SC? I was wondering how well or if it was picking up the P25 system. :) Thx Michael
  11. 2003FATBOY

    Kershaw County, SC - back after three years...What's changed?

    Well, just moved back to the Lugoff area after being gone for about three years. I bought my ARC XT Pro software and Uniden 396XT at the same time. I'm still trying to catch up on what's changed and what hasn't since then, as far as databases and frequencies go. I'm a Reliability Engineer by...
  12. radioscan

    Need help with programming file for Horry County.

    I created a file for the 346XT for Horry County and the person I created it for is reporting not receiving anything. Can someone in that area give this file a try and see what may be wrong with it? This file was created with Freescan. Thanks.
  13. J

    Need help in SC!!

    Ok. So...I go out and purchase what I thought to be a basic scanner for my parents. I purchased the scanner for them to be able to listen to local police departments. There has been a lot of burglary in recent months, they are both getting older and I am thinking of moving from the area. So my...
  14. ai8o

    SC Forestry Radio Zone Map

    I have uploaded a map I created today of the SC Forestry Radio Zones. I posted it to the SC Forestry Wiki page. I used the data from the updated SC Forestry page on RR. While creating the map, I noticed that there are blank areas and some sites are obviously missing. Also one county on the...
  15. B

    What type of scanner do i need for Beaufort SCPolice, Fire and EMS

    I would like to become a broadcaster but un-aware of the right equipment that I need, I have been looking online for different scanners, there are so many options, Trunk-tracking, with 800mhz w/o 800 MHz, analog and digital scanners, I would like to broadcast for Beaufort SC, can u please tell...
  16. T

    Fort Jackson assistance

    I am trying to scan the frequencies for Fort Jackson. I have entered the frequencies in order and then entered the base and spacing information as listed. My scanner will not accept 8192 as the ofset. Additionally, when I just monitor one frequency in the trunk, I do not hear any traffic at...
  17. S

    Programming Help for York Co SC

    I have the digital scanner the firmware needs to be updated and have 2 other scanners to be programmed with the new York County Syetem...can anyone help? We are willing to pay to have the software upgraded and scanners programmed. Thank you
  18. Thunderbolt

    Tampa, FL - Tampa police use new radio system to nab drug suspect

    TAMPA, Fla. -- Tampa Police say their new radio capabilities and their helicopter helped nab a suspect wanted on a federal warrant for the sale of cocaine. Tampa police use new radio system to nab drug suspect
  19. BarcodeNut

    York County/Rock Hill, SC

    SKYWARN class sponsored by the York County Amateur Radio Society (YCARS) in July, 2008 Skywarn Class this coming July 10, 2008 at the YCARS clubhouse. Anyone is invited to attend in the York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties. Class will be held at 7:30 pm at 2129 Squire Rd, Rock Hill, SC...