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  1. rfgroup

    Amplified External Speaker for PSR-500

    I purchased a SP-180A 4" Amplified Mobile Speaker from Scannermaster hoping to be able to provide a customer with good loud audio for their car at highway speed. When I plugged it into the cigarette lighter, I got a low audible hum. I thought for sure when I plugged it into a radio, the...
  2. cbehr91

    Make Volume Higher On BC-120XLT?

    I have a handheld BC-120XLT that I use for railroad scanning, and it does a great job, but the volume seems kind of low, even when I have it up all the way. I purchased an external speaker, and that helped a little, but it still seems quiet (I struggle to hear it when traveling in my car with...
  3. Paintball4life

    Radio Shack Pro 197 Audio Problem?

    Seeing that Radio Shack lowered the price of their digital scanners I decided to buy a new Pro 197 and I love it. But sometimes when a transmission comes through on a channel I can hear the person talking very quietly then the audio gets louder and more understandable. I searched through the...
  4. D

    Radio hum

    My feed has a hum on it, when I have it disconnected from the computer and just listening to the scanner there is no hum but make the connection to the computer and I pick up a hum. Is there a filter that can be bought from radio shack or online that anyone may know about that could be place...
  5. F

    2 in 1 Feed

    I am currently broadcasting MABAS 7 (Kankakee IL) Fire feeds on RR. We run on 800MHz Trunked Motorola System. However we are not paged on the 800MHz we use High Band for paging. Is there a way I could broadcast the 800MHz on the Left Speaker and the 156MHz on the Right Speaker? Any...
  6. SCPD

    *cool scanner microphone/speaker trick*

    Attention scanner lovers! Do you want to look official? I have found out a cheap way to have a receive only speaker/mic installed onto your scanner!! Go to this link and purchase this microphone, once you receive it, take a pair of needlenose pliers, and carfully take out the 2.5 mm plug (the...