1. Zetron Model 27 Receiver Monitor

    Zetron Model 27 Receiver Monitor

    Hi, Selling this as it does not fit into the scheme of my latest "situation room". Works fine, please see pictures. There are a few blemishes that do not have an effect on performance. I will include what I used for cables connected to eight scanners and a 12VDC cable. This is being sold as is...
  2. Complete Ham/Scanner Shack Mixer and Studio Monitor Speaker System

    Complete Ham/Scanner Shack Mixer and Studio Monitor Speaker System

    As promised, I am selling the items I am not using in the Shack for Scanner/Ham Sound Mixing. These items are ALL "LIKE NEW" Purchased Jan 27, 2023, all from Amazon. Selling as a COMPLETE PACKAGE with ALL CABLES needed to run out of your scanners/radios. You have everything you need in this...
  3. SpaceForceCmdr

    Good quality comms speaker?

    I have an FTDX10, and besides the Yaesu external speaker, what would be a better option for maximum intelligibility? I actually have a Polk center speaker lying around, but it's pretty dang big. What about a small, bookshelf speaker? Also, I see the SP-30 is 4 ohms. Would it be a problem to...
  4. Salvatorejrc

    External Speaker Suggestions

    I just bought the uniden bc15 for my sds100. It sounds nice but the scanner itself is louder than the speaker, which is a disappointment. What are some suggestions for external speakers that go louder? I would most likely use it for both desktop as well as mobile.
  5. D

    Remote Speaker Mic 4 Uniden?

    Hi, I have the Uniden GMR5089 and I’m trying to find a compatible Remote Speaker Mic. Any advice?
  6. M

    Motorola XPR 7550e speaker ticking noise on RX.

    Hello all: I was very happy with my first XPR 7550, so I ordered the XPR 7550e. When I began receiving a radio call, I noticed a ticking noise coming from the XPR 7550e. Since I had both, older and current 7550 models, I was able to hear the differences. They both had a ticking noise, when the...
  7. N

    TK5710-K speaker bias

    Our FD runs several TK5710-k in trunking mode. Within the last two months, we have experienced speaker failure on two units. The speaker lines have 6 volts across them causing the speaker to become hot and fail. The first failure was in a unit that was due to be replaced soon so we did a work...
  8. A

    nx-800 dual speaker audio

    i have a nx-800 uhf. trying to get audio from both the internal speaker and an external speaker mounted on the pump panel outside of the truck. plugging the external into the unit disables the internal. any ideas on how to get this to work?
  9. BlueDevil

    Icom External Speaker

    Is there a way to wire in an external speaker to the Icom F1721 using the OPC-617 accessory cable so that both transmitted and received audio come through the speaker? I am looking at using this radio in a Mobile Incident Command vehicle and I would like to put an external speak in another part...
  10. B

    BCD325P2: Question about external speakers

    I have a quick question and thanks in advance to those who answer. I have a BCD325P2 and am looking to purchase an external speaker to use with it. I am looking for feedback and recommendations from those who have purchased speakers for their 325s as to what models work well. Thanks again...
  11. N

    Newbie - BCD396XT no speaker out

    I have no sound out and brand new to all of this. Manually programmed local frequencies. Scans but no sound. Beeps when doing certain things but never stops and makes noise on a scanned channel. Loaded Freescan, download all in it then uploaded. Still no sound. Broadcastify shows activity. Were...
  12. T

    Pro 106 Speaker #11717485

    looking for a speaker for my Pro106 scanner part# 11717485 SEA 36A550 8OHM 0.5W any ideas?
  13. W

    BCD436HP: Speaker issue

    Ok,what are my options as far as the internal speaker for this radio? It's just about 8 months old and the speaker crapped itself about a month ago. External jack still works, but that kinda defeats the purpose of a $500 radio. If there is a replacement, show me where to get one please.
  14. L

    TK-790 2-tone programming

    I have programmed a TK-790 for 2-tone decode on a receive freq; however the speaker doesn't mute, it's always open. Is there a programming switch that I'm missing? It is a TK-790, 45W, (not California Fire Service model). Larry
  15. W

    HP-2: External Speaker options

    What are people doing for external speakers on the HP-2? Is my only option a DC powered amplified speaker connected to the Line Out or Headphone jack?
  16. S

    HP-1: Need External Speaker Recommendations

    I need an external speaker recommendations for my Home Patrol Scanner. I need something I can listen to from across the room. what external speakers have worked out best for you?
  17. 5stormchasers

    External ham radio speaker for the chase vehicle

    Here are a few pics of the install of the external speaker for my Yaesu 7900! Before.. The joys of splicing wire! Le's hide this wire under that step... Speaker mounted under the vehicle! Hooking up the switch! Place the switch in a compartment, and we are done!
  18. daugherh

    HT1250 Speaker Mic Question

    Hello all I recently purchased a HT1250 and have it set up the way I like. I ordered a speaker mic for it from ebay and it works, but I get the audio from both the speaker mic's speaker and the HT's speaker. Since the accessories are supposedly interchangeable with the Moto GP338 I hooked the...
  19. 1

    ICOM IC-RX7 Speaker advice.

    Hi Could anyone who has the ICOM IC-RX7 please answer this question? If there was a specific amplified speaker specifically for the RX7 what features would you like/expect it to have, and why? Thank You for your time much appreciated!
  20. F

    Jaguar P700 External Speaker, NMO Antenna?

    Possibly a dumb quesion, but would it be possible to use an external speaker (such as the Uniden ESP-20, perhaps) with a Jaguar P700? If so, where would it plug in and what type of connector would be necessary? Also, would an NMO hole mount antenna be possible to use when in the car? If so, what...