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    Perkins Specialized Transportation -Low-level nuclear waste final destination in UTAH

    Truck Location: Starting point in California for Clive,Utah :D [If you hear any routes or local news stories doing the trip in Utah. Please post it for reference for the next 3 trips readers.] The process will be repeated through December until a total of four radioactive steam generators...
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    Perkins Specialized Transportation - Low-level nuclear waste shipped through Nevada

    Truck Location: I-15 NORTHBOUND - Leaving California for Utah :D NHP should be escorting doing the trip. Low-level nuclear waste to be shipped through Nevada http://www.lvrj.com/news/low-level-nuclear-waste-to-be-shipped-through-nevada-126309253.html Perkins Specialized Transportation...
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    Perkins Specialized Transportation - California to Nevada to Utah - Radioactive Load

    Truck Location: I-15 NORTHBOUND - Leaving California for Utah :D It was parked in Oceanside on Monday Aug 1, 2011 It was parked in Escondido on Tuesday Aug 2, 2011 It's in Riverside county area on Wednesday Aug 3, 2011 CHP is escorting doing the trip. Perkins Radios: 466.2125 - DCS 311 (Main...