1. R

    Build Mini Circuits multicouplers or buy Sdridsberg?

    I currently have an Electroline 8 port drop amp. It feeds radios, and a Sdridsberg MCA208. Single antenna is a home-made dipole sitting in the shack, using RG6 coax right now. I'm feeding 6 scanners, 2 commercial radios (RX only), and 5 SDRs. 5 more SDRs going in the mix soon. Several other...
  2. BCasto

    How the heck is this working?

    I have a BCD996XT, frustrated by the poor reception and decoding of a digital trunking system about 15 miles away (Durham City NC). Tonight, out of desperation I tried something new. How the heck is this working? I hope it isn't a fluke and will continue to work all day, different weather...
  3. K

    Cross Talk After Connecting Splitter

    I have a strange problem. We are a PA state humane law enforcement agency. We have two Uniden scanners (a BCD536HP and a BCD436HP) that we use to monitor local police: one for the city of Chester, PA, and one for all other Delaware County PA police departments. The feeds are then pumped into two...
  4. gcopter1

    Need help with splitter setup

    I am building my listening post and need help with the setup. I plan to use a splitter to feed 3 scanners. I've seen somewhere a link for a seller, where the cable used to connect from the splitter to the scanners, is one of relative short length. Does someone here knows where I can get these...
  5. M

    Using radio antenna with a splitter to a scanner.

    Hello gentlemen, I need some advice. I currently have a BCT15 setup within my Fire Dept. social room, members always ask about a external antenna to be installed. Unfortunately really don't have a way to get up to install am antenna on the firehouse tower that is located on the roof. So what I...
  6. WA4HHG

    Splitter/Amplifiers, Part Deux

    Have seen question and discussions which begin as questions about splitters and eventually evolve into discussions about pre-amps. Multi-port CATV amplifier's have been discussed, these can also perform the function of a splitter. They are extremely wide band and some are 1 antenna input, with...