1. BCasto

    How the heck is this working?

    I have a BCD996XT, frustrated by the poor reception and decoding of a digital trunking system about 15 miles away (Durham City NC). Tonight, out of desperation I tried something new. How the heck is this working? I hope it isn't a fluke and will continue to work all day, different weather...
  2. K

    Cross Talk After Connecting Splitter

    I have a strange problem. We are a PA state humane law enforcement agency. We have two Uniden scanners (a BCD536HP and a BCD436HP) that we use to monitor local police: one for the city of Chester, PA, and one for all other Delaware County PA police departments. The feeds are then pumped into two...
  3. G

    Need help with splitter setup

    I am building my listening post and need help with the setup. I plan to use a splitter to feed 3 scanners. I've seen somewhere a link for a seller, where the cable used to connect from the splitter to the scanners, is one of relative short length. Does someone here knows where I can get these...
  4. M

    Using radio antenna with a splitter to a scanner.

    Hello gentlemen, I need some advice. I currently have a BCT15 setup within my Fire Dept. social room, members always ask about a external antenna to be installed. Unfortunately really don't have a way to get up to install am antenna on the firehouse tower that is located on the roof. So what I...
  5. WA4HHG

    Splitter/Amplifiers, Part Deux

    Have seen question and discussions which begin as questions about splitters and eventually evolve into discussions about pre-amps. Multi-port CATV amplifier's have been discussed, these can also perform the function of a splitter. They are extremely wide band and some are 1 antenna input, with...