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  1. I

    ProScan: SDS200 Ethernet and Remote Control/Monitoring

    Hey there, I'm diving into setting up my SDS200 to monitor and control my scanner remotely via any web browser. However, despite scouring Google, tech support from Eero, my ISP's tech support, forums, and even taking courses on YouTube University, I'm hitting a roadblock. I'd really appreciate...
  2. 32dave

    Streaming showing connected but no audio is being streamed

    Hi I am using SDRTrunk to monitor and stream 3 freqs 1 is P25 1 is DMR and one is analog. I followed the directions for setting it up and it is showing connected but its been running for about 14 hours and nothing is being uploaded/ streamed now I do have another program called Radio Feed which...
  3. 32dave

    Appling for streamer

    I am trying to apply to become a streamer, But the system drop down doesn't list what I am going to stream how do I get around this as what I'm streaming doesn't apply
  4. D

    looking into starting a new feed For (OPP) SDR x2

    Hello i'll start by just say i love radio and any thing that has flashing lights :P . im just getting into the idea for ham and emergence radio operation (police/fire/ems) . i got my SDR's about a year ago and its been a blast i spend a few hours a week just searching around the air ways to see...
  5. jel250

    "St. Joseph County Law Enforcement", best quality stream in the world???

    Damn right it is, I run it! BOOM! lol I wish more people invested in audio hardware/software... :( It's well worth it!!!
  6. B

    Searching for Archive from October 2015

    IS there anyway to obtain an archive of a specific feed from October 2015, I know generally they are purged 180 days , but was hoping someone might hold them longer --any suggestions on where to look?
  7. M

    ProScan streaming from my wireless laptop

    Is it possible to hook up my 996xt to my laptop with it's wifi connection to the main hard wired PC to stream over the internet using Proscan? Or do I have to have the scanner connected to the hard wired PC to make it work?
  8. Bote

    SuperBoat races in Key West

    My Southernmost Feed is jumping this week and especially right now with the SuperBoat races around Key West. You're welcome to listen in, although the marine channels are only one of the services monitored, so there will be police, fire, and occasional military traffic from the Boca Chica Naval...
  9. AuToGrApHzZz

    Pro-197 Streaming feed problem with ScannerCast

    Hello there, Currently my scanner is having a problem streaming onto RR via the RadioReference edition of ScannerCast. The problem is that it will run and connect to RR but whenever a call comes in it changes the Scanner Connection status from "OK" to "Not Communicating With Scanner". It...