suffolk county

  1. FallenAnjel

    Hospital North, TG ID 2480, Suffolk County.

    I have a pro651 and on Suffolk trunked system I noticed today there is nothing happening on this TG. Did something change? I haven't listened to it for a while.
  2. F

    Looking for advice. No longer able to receive FRES OPS 3 Suffolk county

    Hello. Currently using BCT15X. Been listening to FRES Ops 3 for quite awhile now without issues but about 2 days ago I stopped receiving. Thought it was a programing issue so I reprogramed using Free Scan and using the radio reference database. I even switched to a back up radio and same issue...
  3. may2700

    Suffolk County NY p25 unit ID's?

    i did a search but didnt see anything, Has anyone created a Suffolk County NY P25 unit id list? Specifically each units radio id converted to the actual unit using that radio I have started creating my own list and keep adding to it every day with the help of my G5 and the voice record function...
  4. G

    BCD436HP help with Chelsea Police Dispatch

    Hello, I am new to scanners. I read the manual as well as the easy to read manual, yet I still can't seem to figure out how to listen to my local Suffolk County: Cities/Municipalities - Chelsea: Police Dispatch channel (470.8875MHz NFM C131.8). I used to be able to listen to the channel on my...
  5. J

    Uniden bct15x

    I bought a uniden bct15x and was able to program some of the frequencies I want into it using proscan. I am listoentjng to Suffolk county NY fire departments, which I am a member of. I have two questions, my scanner will listen to the fire department frequencies if I have them on hold, but in...
  6. K

    Reliable and afforable mobile unit that work in Suffolk County?

    Already have a Baofeng UV5R+, Uniden BC355n and Kenwood TM-V71a in my truck but I'd really like something that will allow me to pick up Suffolk County PD. Was looking at this one below but not sure if it'll work. Uniden Beartracker BCT15X...
  7. A

    former Explorer steals public safety radios from fire/ems department

    already posted on a different forum,