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    It would be nice if we could have Unit IDs pop up on conventional channels like trunked systems. I should clarify, I would like this on analog conventional channels.
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    GMRS Exception Rule?

    I know it says we can't submit anything using common services (MURS, GMRS, etc.) but could we make an exception to this? This would go for certain businesses or attractions that are grandfathered to use GMRS. Because Allegan uses 462.700 MHz for city events, and there is (I think?) a hotel that...
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    Need a little of advice?

    So I currently have the BCD436HP with the RS800 antenna. I am usually listening while I am at home so I would like to set up something in our 2 1/2 story attic. How far can I pick stuff up? 50 miles? 150 miles? 200 miles? Could I have some suggestions that work well with the 436 in an attic? Id...
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    Problem with Mobile Live Audio

    ok soo i go to the website with my mobile phone and i click the listen icon and it pops up as unsupported content type. the phone i have is the metropcs samsung freeform. Suggestion: if ya'll dont have it set to support this fone can ya'll soo i can listen on the go. purdy plz