summit county

  1. D


    Several Colorado State Patrol Troopers were En-route to Summit County for an Operation and will be switching to "SNOW MAC" anyone know what this TG is or what it is used for?
  2. AllWeHearIsRadioGaga

    No More Hudson OH scanner feed ?(Summit Co)

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the whole scanner world (don't have my own yet) and have enjoyed listening to the Hudson scanner. For about 5 months I thought it was no longer broadcasting, but then realized the whole shift to Broadcastify and started following again recently, but I see it has been down...
  3. colincd

    Summit County Talkgroup

    Deleted my post
  4. J

    Summit County 800 System

    Recently I have been having trouble catching all the traffic on the Summit County System. Specifically, APD. I'm getting a lot of motorboating before and after conversations. Someone told me that Summit County was in the process of getting rebanded. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, has...