1. D

    Need An Elmers Advice on HT Antennas

    Afternoon Elmers, hoping you can set me straight on HT antennas. I have always been under the impression that HT antennas, especially the rubber ducks, are crap and the radios themselves are actually designed to be able to handle the fact that they Tx with crap stock antennas. Obviously, an...
  2. B

    Fluctuating SWR reading

    I’m having the issue where my SWR will not stay rock solid. If I get it just perfect, it does. Any other time it’ll start to climb excessively, then hold steady. Or it keeps increasing. The PA cuts power & I’m forced to power off. Equipment is a Motorola MTR 2000 with the hated Notch Reject...
  3. K

    Hamstick Dipole: Why is SWR changing when I move the coax?

    Hello, I have been going crazy trying to tune my 20m hamstick antenna. It is mounted 3 feet away from my balcony and about 30 feet AGL. The antenna is not grounded, but shouldn't require it since this is a dipole. I used an antenna analyzer to adjust the antenna at 14.175MHz with a reasonable...
  4. amoking

    Ground Plane Issues with 1.0 SWR? PICS.

    I'm running an Anytone AT-666 with a Bulletproof Diesel NMO mount and a Laird CB27S 1/4 wave antenna on my 2020 F350. Aluminum body and a panorama roof. SWR is 1.0 on 19 with little increase on either side as 1 and 40 are both 1.2. I understand that CB usage on the roads is not what it once...
  5. F

    High SWR

    I recently got a CB radio, but I haven’t figured out how to get the SWR down. The President Taylor radio I’m using has a built in SWR meter, & it says it’s absurdly high. However, when I hold my hand out the window & hold about 2/3 up the antenna, the SWR goes to 1.2. What’s happening?
  6. S

    Travel antenna, feed lengths and swr?

    I bought a SOTA antenna (happens to be the mini wolf river setup) and was attempting to setup in my yard and find where 10m, 20m are etc and couldn’t find anything with decent swr. I was using nanoVNA and 6’ for coax. I watched some videos on YouTube how people obtained near 1:1 swr and they...
  7. Z

    SWR issue on DC grounded antenna.

    Hi guy's! New to this forum. From my Username, figure I'm a Ham radio operator. I'm no new-be to antennas and radios... very good with those... till today! As I'm going to be a radio / vehicle Marshall at a 4x4 event, I fitted a 29 Mhz radio to my car. I got with the radio a 29 Mhz Magnetic...
  8. 1

    1/4 wave ground plane SWR and POWER, antenna theory

    Today i built my first antenna. A simple 1/4 wave ground plane with copper wire and a SO239 connecter. What i found very interesting was when i was complete and i started to check power and swr, that i was able to tune the SWR and in turn, adjust power out, while changing the angle of the radial...
  9. N

    No SWR meter/Antenna Analyzer/..., now what?

    Seems like tonight there will be a local ARC net talking about "shack gear" and I suspect the SWR meter is one of those indispensables. But what do you do when you don't have one yet? I was wondering if people have worked with tuning their (homemade too) J-pole, mono, or dipole, and what...
  10. F

    Whacky SWR's on Mag Mount Antenna

    Okay so this has driven me crazy. Its the only car I have the problem with so here it goes. I bought 3 K30 Magmount antennas from K40 as part of a promo run by the Pilot travel centers. I use one on rental cars when I travel. I use the other in my personal vehicle. The third is a spare...
  11. SnowWalker

    SWR fluctuates from day to day

    I am using my Galaxy DX959 SSB mobile CB as a base radio for the time being. My problem is, my SWR reading on my built in SWR meter seems to fluctuate from day to day and somewhat from an early mornining reading to a middle evening reading. On the good days I am getting a 1.3 - 1.5 reading...
  12. SnowWalker

    I need some antenna clarification here

    I am still trying to set up my CB antenna so it is at least 90 - 95% efficient for my 20' vertical 5/8 wave antenna and mobile/base radio. The antenna is mounted on the roof of our house; I think I fully understand the proper way of grounding the antenna; however, there are about two dozen...
  13. DylanMadigan

    How much SWR is safe?

    -sorry, not sure if this is the right area- I have a Motorola CDM1550-LS+ transmitting at 48w on UHF. With a 5 foot cable, my SWR meter shows about 0.5. With my 25ft cable made out of some fairly cheap cable (RG58), I'm getting about 4 on the meter, just inside the red. I don't need the signal...
  14. A

    Odd SWR variance

    I just put a new CB rig in my car recently. Cobra 29 LTD Classic with a Wilson Little Wil 3' antenna. Took it to an open area and properly calibrated the SWR. Great readings across the entire band with an SWR of ~1.3 at most. What's strange is that a few times now I've gotten in my car, powered...
  15. P

    Bc 880 cb radio

    My Bearcat 880 CB is having SWR issues it is reading an 8.04 when I test it on the built in SWR calibrator on the radio... I have no clue how to fix this issue I have went thru the steps like 3 or 4 times on how to Calibrate SWR If anyone could please help me out it would be great!
  16. SOUTH300

    Transmit Problem with MCS2000 and Antenna

    I just recently re-installed a MCS2000 Model II VHF from one vehicle to another. 2008 F-150 to a 2009 F-150. I am currently using a Diamond K-400 Trunk Lip antenna mount and secured it to the bed rail. In the old truck, it worked like a dream. In the new truck, this is what happens: On...
  17. K

    Transfer of power with an antenna tuner

    If you have an antenna tuner, and your antenna is a 10:1 match for your frequency, and the tuner brings it down to 1.2:1, do you get the same, or close to the same transfer of power to the antenna as you would if the antenna was a true 1.2:1? I have more to say on this, but I want to see what...
  18. K

    LDG 1000 Pro II odd occurrence is normal??

    I found that once you train the tuner to your antenna, and you then improve your antenna, so you SWR goes from 3:1 to 1.5:1 on a particular band, the tuner will not be triggered into tuning on a frequency that it already has in memory. So you will see your SWR is higher than you know it should...
  19. H

    need some input from the experts

    I have a uniden bearcat 980ssb and i just ordered a rm italy kl203p amplifier for it. i have a 3 foot firestik antenna and its as long as i can get it and the swr's are about 1.45 on channel 40 and 1.00 on channel 1. im worried that with this amp i may raise my swr's to much. What do you guys...
  20. M

    SWR Advice

    Hi I am pretty new to Ham radio, so I offer the following. I recently strung a G5RV Pro ZS6BKW Optimized with 1:1 Balun. It is about 55 feet in the trees, but that is not the point. https://www.amateurradiosupplies.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=10098 When attempting to tune the SWR I...