tac channel

  1. villlythekid

    Trying to locate channel used by Takoma Park PD SAT

    I am looking for a channel that the Takoma Park Police Department is using for their SAT. (Special Assignment Team) They just started up the SAT and were using channel W9, but recently that channel has gone quiet. I have channels A12, B12, W9, and W10 scanning on my BCD996p2, but it seems as if...
  2. B

    Tac Channel

    I have a Uniden BCD996xt that I have been using for a few years. I can pickup the digital & the Kansas system trunking & all kinds of stuff. When something good happens the local sheriff dept will say go to Tac 1 or Tac 2. I have all the channels listed in RR in my system even the ones listed as...
  3. mgoday

    Tactical channel question

    Lansing, IL - PD has a tac channel on 155.040 (as listed in the RR database). When they go to that channel, I hear one of the automated weather channels with the PD at a much lower level underneath. I'm using a Uniden BC355N. I would appreciate any tips on how to filter out / separate the two...
  4. spectr17

    San Bernardino CA 8-1 you need to turn off your tac channels

    San Bernardino County System 8 Live Scanner Audio Feed You're broadcasting search/tracking team and deputies locations and tactics in the clear. Please turn off the tac channels ASAP. :mad: TOS explains why. Feed Provider Terms of Service - The RadioReference Wiki Admins, you need to move...