tac channel

  1. B

    Tac Channel

    I have a Uniden BCD996xt that I have been using for a few years. I can pickup the digital & the Kansas system trunking & all kinds of stuff. When something good happens the local sheriff dept will say go to Tac 1 or Tac 2. I have all the channels listed in RR in my system even the ones listed as...
  2. mgoday

    Tactical channel question

    Lansing, IL - PD has a tac channel on 155.040 (as listed in the RR database). When they go to that channel, I hear one of the automated weather channels with the PD at a much lower level underneath. I'm using a Uniden BC355N. I would appreciate any tips on how to filter out / separate the two...
  3. spectr17

    San Bernardino CA 8-1 you need to turn off your tac channels

    San Bernardino County System 8 Live Scanner Audio Feed You're broadcasting search/tracking team and deputies locations and tactics in the clear. Please turn off the tac channels ASAP. :mad: TOS explains why. Feed Provider Terms of Service - The RadioReference Wiki Admins, you need to move...