1. AK4FD

    Lincoln County Fire VHF

    I have a question y'all. I'm visiting family from out-of-state, and I am tuned in to Lincoln County Fire Dispatch. There have been several times today on calls where the FireFighters advised on the radio they were switching operations to Tac 2. However I am not able to find Tac 2 anywhere. I...
  2. M

    BCD436HP: TAC and THP Programming

    Good morning everyone! I have to admit I have drooled over this scanner for a long time and my wife surprised me with wedding anniversary present. I have for the most part figured out how to program the scanner for some areas. I live in Loudon County (Lenoir City). The have a a mixed mode...
  3. rananthony04

    Claremont PD Tac Encrypted

    As the title of this post suggests, Claremont PD's tac channel [506.3000] is encrypted. I did a quick search here and could not find any mention of it. I will submit a DB request as well (It's listed as P25 only).
  4. D

    rock co. wi Janesville PD tac. using encryption now

    Sorry did not know where else to put just wanted to let people know
  5. Navy9545

    LAPD OVB Frequencies

    While listening to Foothill Division, this morning, the dispatcher asked a unit to switch to "old OVB channel 43 new OVB channel 42" The unit acknowledged and presumably made the switch. However, I failed to hear anything on either Ch 42 OVB Tac 1 or Ch 43 OVB Tac 2. Anyone know if they have...
  6. Danny37

    Does FDNY EMS ever use their tac frequencies?

    I've never heard activity on these frequencies the ones with 167.9 pl, should I just remove them from my scanner? Has anyone heard activity on these channels?