1. J

    SDS100: SDS100 - Can a talkgroup be temporarily avoided?

    While using the NC Viper or VA Stars systems, I usually like to program all talkgroups so that I hear everything. This used to be called "wildcard" on some of the older Whistler/Radioshack radios. This has worked well for me with the relatively little traffic in my area. However, there are...
  2. L

    Removing Talkgroup

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if someone could assist me with removing this talk group with the “P” as it is irrelevant and I do not want it being scanned. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. C

    Number of TalkGroups Affect Scanning?

    This is a general question, but location may be important - Olmsted Co., Rochester area (Stewartville). I'm fairly new to scanning and trying to wrap my head around all the trunking stuff. Using the ARC-XT software; I got my BCD996P2 programmed with the Olmsted Co. Simulcast (ARMER) frequencies...
  4. kc9lfd

    Talkgroup names/labels/aliases OTA?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm wondering if talkgroups names/labels/aliases are transmitted over the air or is it just the talkgroup ID? I'm decoding a lot of talkgroup IDs but I was hoping that some kind of name would also be sent OTA so one could make sense of what...
  5. jidanni

    Don't want to publish any state secrets

    Let's say you are the owner of scanning website in the Republic of Nurdvania, and you want to make sure you don't publish any government secrets, and someone passes you this list, 1 151.587.500 MHz 14656413 T7 C13 2 154.487.500 MHz 14564613 T2 C5 3 152.212.500 MHz 14644413 T7 C2 4 151.725.000...
  6. M

    Need Help w/ Programming

    So i am looking into getting either the Uniden BCD536HP or the Beartracker885 and i am going to need help with programming as i have never had a scanner this advance. i will need help with setting up Talgroups so that i can listen to the ones for Pottawatomie County Kansas listed under Kansas...
  7. T

    Tytera Programming talkgroups with a TYT DMR radio

    Here is a picture on all of the information i have about the talk groups i want to program into my TYT-380. For example if i wanted to use the EMS talkgroup how would i do that? I already have the FM frequency for it but i only hear the dispatcher. I want to hear everything. How would i do this?
  8. J

    system and sites. need all sites? whistler scanner

    i have the whistler trx-1. do i need to import all the sites of a system? if i select only some sites do i need to select certain talk groups instead of all also? my area is here; Chandler would be my system for my area. so would i...
  9. C

    Talkgroup - site programming near Columbus

    Hi all. This is a novice question but I can't seem to find the answer in the forums. How do I determine what site to program for a particular talk group? Is there a list that correlates talkgroups with sites? I don't think all talk groups are available on all sites, so how do I determine...
  10. firechaser97

    Broken Arrow P25 system BAFD?

    I'm in northeast Oklahoma. I'm looking for any information others may have about the Broken Arrow Communications Regional P25 System. for years BAFD has been encrypted. They are Harris Opensky. I've herd they are migrating away from it and are going to the new Harris XL-200p. some of their...
  11. C

    BCD996P2: Don't Understand

    My mother bought a new BCD996P2 scanner so she can listen to the local PD/FD. They joined Omaha's ORION (Omaha Regional Interoperability Network) last year so she can't hear them now. I have been trying to learn what everything is but I don't know where to start. I look at Fremont, Nebraska's...
  12. D

    Control Channel indicate Talkgroups active on site?

    In realtime, does a P25 control channel stream indicate what talkgroups are currently active on the site, and can DSD+ or Unitrunker (or any other software for that matter) have a way to show that (in realtime)? The reason is that I am curious to study what towers (sites) are best for...
  13. F

    Oakland county public talkgroup question

    Hi guys, i have a maybe stupid question but i'm sure you guys know the answer. Again sorry if it's kind of noob. Is there any public talkgroup or public frequency in oakland county ( west bloomfield, farmington hills, or around these areas) that we can program and talk? By public talkgroup or...
  14. C

    Attemping to scan SDSU PD

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to scan SDSU PD on RCS, but had a question I need cleared up. How can you find out what talk group is on which site, in other words... If I wanted to listen to SDSU PD would I need to program a specific site? I have only been dabbling around the North cell...
  15. K

    BCD996P2: Talkgroup ID Name not displaying Properly?

    76 Everyone. I just bought my dad (for Christmas) a Uniden BCD996P2 to replace a Radio Shack Pro-2028 (which also was a Christmas circa mid 90s). One of the selling features was the 800mhz trunking ability. To program the 996P2, currently using Freescan Accommodating the various RISCON...
  16. L

    Talkgroup update

    how do we know which talkgroups have been updated? which numbers etc ? Thanks for any help :)
  17. K

    Uniden HomePatrol-1 Proprietary Channels

    Hi, I am using the Uniden HomePatrol-1. I am using a favorites list to pick up just the channels in my city. The problem that I am having is that my radio isn't picking up any of the channels that list "proprietary" in the channel description. The channels are in the Shiawassee County Law...
  18. B

    FreeSCAN - Assigning colors to groups?

    Sorry if this is a little elementary, but I'm still getting to know my 396XT and FreeSCAN. I am looking for a way to set an entire GROUP to a particular COLOR. For example, I have about 70 talkgroups for my local police department. Do I have to individually set the color for each talkgroup...
  19. W

    GRE PSR-410/310 Patch Support?

    Does anyone know if this is in the works or if GRE will ever make this possible for the 410/310, the way it similarly funtions on the 500/600?
  20. AK4FD

    RadioShack PRO-164 text-tags?

    Hello all, I currently am using a RadioShack PRO-164 scanner to broadcast my live feed for my area. I have done endless searching on the net and can't find any answers to my question, so I'm hoping one or some of u may know... Is there ANY way to broadcast talkgroup tags with a PRO-164...