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  1. R

    helmet bluetooth PTT switch to be connected to Tk8102

    i have one of this i like to connect it to a Kenwood TK8102 with an external PTT (the BT-PTT not working so i like to have a wired PTT Botton) the radio is on my motorcycle. i have already make it with a plastic box the 2.5 and the 3.5 connectors, i used a 8 pin phone conector to connected from...
  2. S

    Help Tecsun PL-660

    Hello I have a PL660, which works perfectly, I think it's an excellent radio . I recently purchased a Tecsun AN100 but after trying to hear something with the antenna, the radio does not receive any more AM stations (with or without antenna). Just a noise, like interference. Other bands were...
  3. P

    Not picking up any local frequencies on my new BCD436HP

    Hi Guys and Gals, New to scanning here. Just recieved my new BCD436HP today! For some reason though, I can not pick up any of my local radio traffic? I'm trying to listen to police, fire and ems in Lafayette County Mississippi. I don't think I'm an idiot, I doubt our local emergency traffic is...
  4. S

    bc75xlt rechargable battery problem

    So, first off this bc75xlt works fine with normal alkalines. But when I remove them, flip the switch, and put in fully charged energizer 2500mah ( externally charged ), the scanner almost immediately starts flashing "batt". When I have charged these, or similar batteries ( no name from china )...
  5. P

    BC75XLT: Stuck on scan and will not turn off

    My son turned on his scanner which had been working fine until now. It is stuck on scan, finds one of the channels he has programmed briefly, then goes back to scan. I cannot turn the scanner off. When I take the batteries out, and re-install them, the unit comes back on and still continues to...
  6. VE6RHS

    WS1080 - My Tech Support Experience

    I just wanted to post the fact that Whistler has given amazing tech support. It's a long story, but here's a shortened version: I managed to find a fault in the WS1080 firmware when decoding an EDACS signal during system patches. Granted this is quite obscure, but I do monitor a local...