1. BCasto

    Durham Viper reception problem

    Durham City reception problem Using a BCD996XT receiving Durham City. I live on the Cary Morrisville boarder near Chapel Hill Road and Weston Parkway. Even when I have 4 to 5 bars of signal strength, voice traffic comes and goes and the scanner doesn't stay fixed on the control channel...
  2. SlipNutz15

    XTS2500 audio clips out

    I've search the forums multiple ways before typing this. I have an XTS2500 VHF and it seems that at the end of certain transmissions or noise thresholds the audio clips off and it takes approximately three seconds before the audio comes back through. Am I missing some audio setting that stops...
  3. Anderegg

    396XT P25 settings for RCS help needed

    Even with a full signal on my 396XT, RCS traffic tends to go digital slightly on me most of the time. The units and dispatchers sound too muffled rather than bleeping into "digital". I think this may be the threshhold settings or decode options, but I don't have much experience with those...
  4. martidav

    Pro-107 - Threshold Settings

    Pro-107 - Data Decode Threshold Settings Good morning, A few scattered thoughts here so bear with me. I *think* I understand the Data Decode Threshold settings, but I could be wrong. I live and roam in metro area Seattle/King county's Similcast vicinity. Besides the main Seattle Site, I'm...
  5. davef3138

    Idea for feature - listener threshold alert

    There have been two incidents lately in my area where I (gasp!) didn't have any radios on to alert me that something was going on. More users than normal were connected to my feed in both instances. It would be a useful feature if feed admins could set a listener threshold, where when the...