1. Z

    NC Tornado Outbreak 2/6

    Multiple Skywarn repeaters in Raleigh and Charlotte active. Both have links on Broadcastify if you care to listen. I know theres been some observed Tornados around Charlotte. CLT airport was shutdown for a period of time, with the ATC tower evacuated...
  2. W

    TWIRL (Tornadic Winds: In-situ and Radar observation at Low levels

    Just read a story from the NSF that discussed a new VORTEX2-like project named TWIRL that is going on now in the Mid-West. I wonder if they are using the same frequencies as VORTEX2 (although likely not as many).
  3. S

    Evansville IN tornado 2005

    Does anybody have 911 recordings from Vanderburgh county dispatch during the Nov 6, 2005 tornado? I am looking for early dispatches for a class I am putting together for fire dept. training
  4. laidback

    Tornado Siren Freq.

    I have looked and can not find the answer. I live between two sirens but they are far enough that if the wind is not right I can not hear either siren. The siren north of me is remotely activated . My question is: does anyone know the freq. for the sirens in Whitley County,Indiana ? I am...
  5. kenshabby

    To encrypt or not encrypt?

    City explains tornado siren policy
  6. aspclay

    New Live Audio Feed, Arkansas Emergency Weather Network

    This channel monitors the Emergency Weather Networks of the CAREN club & the CAUHF club in central Arkansas. This feed covers all of central Arkansas with officially trained storm spotters, most of whom have been through the storm spotters class provided by the National Weather Service. You will...