1. Cashanova48

    XTS3000 Motorola XTS 3000 trunking in simplex?...

    I don't know if this might be a dumb question. I'm new to the XTS platform and don't fully understand the Trunking systems, but is it possible to have a XTS 3000 set up for trunking without a repeater or control point on analog? I would like to communicate with some Baofeng type radios and...
  2. D

    Show me you TPT!

    Okay so I have a fun new radio and I got to playing with Talk Permit Tones. I'm sure someone out there has a list of awesome talk permit tones! If not, let's build one. I'll start to give you an idea 1st- 1560Hz 40ms 2nd- 1040Hz 40ms 3rd- 1560Hz 40ms 4th- 1310Hz 40ms This is a Mototrbo TPT...
  3. Z

    What radio does this talk permit tone come from?

    This tone is from a Motorola radio (at least to my knowledge), but I'm unsure which one, or if it even is one. I've uploaded the tone here: Curious if anyone does know which radio this comes from. Let me know anyone does!
  4. AK4FD

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS5000 Talk Permit Tone question

    Hello all, I'll preface this post by saying I am not here for your criticisms or questions as to why I would want to have Talk Permit Tones on Conventional channels; It's my radio & It's what I prefer, and I have my reasons (1 of which being it signals me to wait an extra second while my radio...
  5. A

    XTL P25 PTT Sidetone

    Hi everyone. I am wondering if it is possible to have some type of sidetone on an XTL when talking on a P25 Conventional channel. On the conventional channels, we use the MDC pre sidetone. Is there anything like this for a P25 conventional channel? I know you can use the "clear beep" in the...
  6. N

    Penn State University LTR

    I noticed some Motorola PR400s floating around and the presence of the talk-permit-tone chirp when a user keys up. From my understanding, this is only possible via a LTR system for this radio (without the "DTMF hack" etc.) Does anyone have any info on a possible LTR system or why the PR400 would...
  7. Z

    SIGNALING!??? Talk permit tone question

    I have an Motorola xts 2500 model 3 conventional model! Im tryin to get the talk permit tone (like the Motorola chirp sound) Without using the astro signaling or trunking! Is there a way or hack or trick maybe with DTMF I want to press my PTT and here the chirp TPT tone
  8. bReed11091

    Motorola Radios with PTT Sidetone

    I brought up this question before but I didn't really know how to word it. From my research (Batboard • View topic - HT1000 Talk Permit Tone on Conventional, IT CAN BE DONE!) I've found that the HT1000 can be programmed to have a PTT Sidetone, or a Talk Permit Tone (TPT). What other...