trunking system

  1. C

    Montana Trunked Talkground Identification

    I've been picking up a lot of traffic on the following talkgroups while scanning here in Bozeman. I'll put my theories on what they are next to the ID. Hoping someone has some input. 67 - Broadwater County Fire/EMS? 247, 253, 283, - Seems like a mix of law, fire, EMS and I want to say it's...
  2. R

    City of Midland Phase II TRS

    Did I miss something when on vacation last week. On 7/6/2018, I was decoding and logging the TRS with Unitrunker. I get back and noticed was really quiet. Turned squelch to zero, and seems to be no control channel anymore. Anyone have a better idea if this is user error, or did something...
  3. melona380

    [BAND PLAN MATH] Trunk Recorder - Find Median Band Plan

    I'm trying to use trunk-recorder to record site 28's traffic from this system South Dakota State Radio System Trunking System, Statewide, South Dakota - Scanner Frequencies...
  4. L

    BCD436HP: SFPD scanning

    I want to scan SFPD ( San Francisco Police Dept.) only while I am in San Francisco. When I input the zip code, I also get surrounding cities which I do not want to get. Please help, thanks
  5. B

    Milwaukee County Highway Dept?? Help!!

    Hello I have a Radio Shack Handheld Triple Trunking scanner and I want to listen to Milwaukee County Highway Dept. How do I do that since they are on the Milwaukee County Public Safety trunking system. Every time I punch in the frequencies for that system i never seem to get anything besides...
  6. Muffin


    Was down on the British Columbia / Washington State border today. I was is Surrey which borders Blaine. I had my scanner on frequency stalker mode and came across a number of "new" channels that are nnot currently listed on the RRDB and after checking the FCC and IC databases, the only evidence...
  7. J

    Trunked Radio

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