1. Selling Hytera PD682 with programming cable and programming.

    Selling Hytera PD682 with programming cable and programming.

    My price might be a tad high as I am selling it complete and know its a great device. So ill drop the price a bit today. Your also welcome to message me with an offer if you think the price is still to high. I am selling my Hytera PD682 UHF 400-512mhz Analong and DMR. Its in perfect working...


    For sale is a TYT MD-380 UHF DMR HT. This radio is loaded up with the latest MD380 Tools custom firmware. Still has factory screen protector on it. Comes With: Radio Stock UHF Antenna Charging Dock and DC Adapter Programming Cable $50 via PayPal, Shipped USPS Priority insured. I will send a...


    Like new condition tyt dmr digital tier 2 UHF radio. Radio covers 400-480 MHz and holds 1000 channels. Radio is compatible with Motorola dmr tier 2 radio systems. Full specs can be found in the photos.


    Kenwood TK370G UHF 450-470 MHz 128 channel 4W Narrowband radio. Radio has some minor scuffs and scratches from normal use but does not effect Operation. Radio comes with Kenwood speaker mic, charger, antenna, speaker mic bracket, and brand new battery that I installed on April 15th. Battery...
  5. Salvatorejrc

    Antenna Strength

    This is probably an obvious to most that are experienced with scanning, but will a mobile/portable antenna that is designed for a specific band ALWAYS perform better in that band than one that is designed for multiple/all bands?
  6. Icom F2000S UHF 400-470mhz portable with extended battery.

    Icom F2000S UHF 400-470mhz portable with extended battery.

    This is the cleanest little Icom you will find. It was a desk queen that served its short life being the MDC1200 "admin" radio for the system I maintain for my fire department. It was never carried on the fireground and is about a year old. With it is the charger and extended BP-280 battery. I...
  7. Vertex Standard VXD-720 UHF 450-512

    Vertex Standard VXD-720 UHF 450-512

    Like new, slightly used VXD-720. Radio will come with belt clip, dust port cover, antenna (Motorola branded) OEM USB Programming cable (hard to come by) Battery is included, but please be aware, due to having others in this series, the charger is not included. Unit is in brand new condition, has...
  8. M

    UHF Mobile repeater setup

    Good afternoon, I work for a local FD in the middle TN area. Just as a little background we cover 620 Sq miles and have 5 tower sites on an analog UHF system (yes, we are behind). With that being said we have many radio dead spots where are portables will not get out. We have had some sites...
  9. aptarmbps

    Midland Syn-Tech III P25 Radio Model: STP-404A

    Have been doing some research on the radio and coming up blank as far as user comments or feedback is concerned. Anybody use them and if so what are your thoughts, and how does it compare to some of the other P25 portables on the market. I really like the channels, user functions and other...
  10. J

    Cos sanders used for mono and repeater???

    So I’m sitting around at work. It’s a slow day. I’m just bouncing around on YouTube, radio reference forums, google, etc... and a wild hair sparked a theory. Therefore I have to ask the experts! Would it be possible or feasible to use two cross band rigs in conjunction with each other to achieve...
  11. E

    Interference Sound on UHF Freq

    If this thread better belongs somewhere better, moderators feel free- I'm listening to a local business on one my of my Motorola P25 handhelds but I've cross tested this frequency on a few of my other radios that include Kenwood and the same thing happens where, ever so often, an interference...
  12. D

    East Haddam Fire UHF

    It looks like the system mentioned in the (locked) 4 year old thread "East Haddam CT Approves New Radio System" is now online. Here's what I'm receiving in Middletown: WQSA739: 453.400 82.5pl (Link / rebroadcast of 46.18) WQSA739: 453.625 77.0pl (Link / rebroadcast of 46.22) Can someone...
  13. marksroberson

    School Communications

    Hello all, I have a question and this is the only forum sub that i could find suitable, so I wouldn't be surprised if it is moved. I work at a Private High School in Birmingham, AL during the summer (IT Manager, Maintenance, and Security are all on my ID card as my position :LOL:) I installed...
  14. marksroberson

    Escambia Med Frequency

    Hello folks, I have been listening to a frequency for several days now trying to figure out what/where it is coming from. So, I have had my SDR connected to my only outside UHF antenna (usually used for my only UHF base radio for SARNet etc...) but i hooked the sdr up to confirm and receive DMR...
  15. marksroberson

    Help with XPR7550 DMR RX

    I have a Motorola XPR7550 programmed up with local Public Safety and businesses, (RX Only of course) and I have been picking up DMR TGs on DSD+ and putting them in my contacts list so I can listen to them. I have had great success listening to them, but something isn't working... I have the...
  16. W

    TYT MD-380 "Newer" Ohio Code Plug

    Does anyone have a newer code plug for the TYT MD-380 for Ohio than the one on All Ohio Code Plug which is now over a year old?
  17. marksroberson

    SARnet Panama City?

    After hurricane Michael a SARnet repeater was installed in Panama City. I have been monitoring it since it was first on air. but now there is no traffic. I even tried keying it up and throwing my call sign out and have not heard it comeback. I checked the SARnet website and it says it is online...
  18. G

    EFJ5100 UHF1 380-470mhz FPP, AES, DES, Accessories and Programming! FOR SALE

    $200 Hello everyone, I have 2 sets of EFJ5100s for sale with accessories, price includes everything shown. Both have all options enabled and 512 channels. I have 2 sets of everything and will do a package deal if buying both. I'll also include 16 channels of programming for free and with FPP...
  19. CopperWhopper67

    700/800/900 MHz......Why?

    Most large scale radio systems, especially trunked ones, seem use the UHF High Band frequencies to broadcast signals. That doesn't make sense to me. Wave propagation of 700/800/900 is very linear and tends to avoid wrapping around terrain like VHF Low (and to a lesser extent VHF High) can, which...
  20. drsn0w

    CHP UHF Frequencies

    Hello RR! Looking at the CHP database here, I noticed that under the Division Wide sections there are some UHF frequencies, usually just named "UHF 1" and "UHF 2". Does anyone know what those are used for? As far as I'm aware, CHP is usually on lowband. Any insight into this would be greatly...