uniden 246

  1. AK4FD

    BC246T & alpha-tags?

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a way to broadcast alpha-tags over my feed broadcast. I know there isn't an option for it but in RadioFeed there is a whole slew of scanners listed that can broadcast tags and I was wondering if any other scanners can emulate my BC246T so I can provide...
  2. K

    Help NYC Mac user restore BC246T with factory database

    I foolishly pared down some of the original presets that came with my BC246T years ago when I didn't understand the lockout function. I've wanted all the original presets back but understand a factory reset will wipe everything and not restore the presets. I've found the original file floating...
  3. A

    Uniden 246t

    I've had my trunk tracker for two years now and have loved every minute of owning it. But last Sunday it started acting weird all of a sudden. I have the Fulton TRS programmed along with the Alpharetta PD TGIDs. When i press ID Search or ID Scan nothing ever comes up, heres the kicker when i...
  4. Scan-Denver

    Uniden 246 File For Denver P.S. System

    Anyone have a Uniden 246 file for Denver's Public Safety System to share? Thanks.