union county

  1. Airboss

    North Georgia NXDN

    Looks like one of the far North GA counties (best guess right now is Union) maybe setting up a new NXDN 4800 repeater system (50 RAN). So far all I have observed is unit 100 testing only - no IDs. Definitely not part of the Clay Co NC NXDN family of PS services *they use a NXDN 9600 system with...
  2. M

    Summit PD & FD Changes

    I have submitted updates for the database this morning for Summit PD & FD. As of some point today they will be changing over to a Digital System. It is conventional and non-encrypted. They will be utilizing existing frequencies as well as adding a few channels. Testing has been completed and...
  3. wa2chj

    Union County Sheriff UHF

    Is anyone else having a problem, today, receiving the Union County Sheriff's Office on their UHF dispatch Frequency? Either something is going on and they've changed to another system, or I've had multiple radio failures. They were on yesterday afternoon, then around dinner time disappeared.
  4. W7FDX

    Union/ Moutour county

    Has anyone heard that Union county is switching to a VHF High Band system and when they plan to start using it? Also ive heard that Montour is doing the same thing?
  5. griffinks

    PRO-164 and Project25

    I have a Radio Shack PRO-164 Scanner and I would like to program the Project 25 for Union County to scan. Can I do this on this scanner. If so how would I program it?
  6. griffinks

    Programming 800MHz Union County

    I recently got a 800MHz scanner. I wanted to program the 800MHz channels for Union County NC that are Incorporated with Project25. I programmged the black in color channels from the list for Project25 in Union County. I want all Fire Ops and Events channels for Union County. When I programmed...
  7. S

    CB users wanted in Southeast Union County.

    Anybody use your CB in Southeast Union County, Ohio? I've got a rig set up in my house, looking to spark up conversation. Mark on channel 19, call for "Willie"
  8. S

    Union County Ohio - Fire Question

    The Union County MARCS system for the fire stations is confusing me. I know it's pretty simple with just 9 TGs, but recently OPS-4 has been down. Anyone know why?? Thanks.
  9. S

    ASSIST! Union County Feds

    What are the frequencies used by the FBI, US Marshalls, etc. in Union county? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  10. S

    Union County Sirens

    Does anyone know what the tornado siren activation frequency fo union county is with PL code? Thanks.