unit id

  1. P

    BCD325P2/BCD996P2: Random Unit ID Tags show up on the display when not programmed in

    I am listening to an NXDN system right now and I am seeing these already-named UIDs show up even though I don't have any IDs programmed. Why is this happening?
  2. may2700

    Suffolk County NY p25 unit ID's?

    i did a search but didnt see anything, Has anyone created a Suffolk County NY P25 unit id list? Specifically each units radio id converted to the actual unit using that radio I have started creating my own list and keep adding to it every day with the help of my G5 and the voice record function...
  3. medic29

    Unit IDs

    Can Unit IDs be utilized when scanning the full database, or only when scanning Favorite lists? I have several Unit ID's for my local area I'd like to utilize when I'm in my local area, but I scan the full database by location. I'm not currently scanning any Favorite lists.
  4. VOXScanningYT

    New Castle County Fire & EMS Unit IDs

    Hello, I am currently trying to program unit IDs for New Castle County Fire & EMS into my BCD325P2. I have looked all over the internet and have found nothing. Could anybody provide me with a list, or do I have to manually search for them? Thanks, VOXScanningYT
  5. B

    Anyone have a list of CNYICC Unit ID's?

    I'm searching for a list of Unit ID's for the CNYICC, particularly Onondaga County Fire/EMS/LEO. I'm wondering if anyone maybe already has this information entered into their scanner, or maybe in an excel spreadsheet for easy entry. I have no problem doing this myself, but I figure why reinvent...
  6. WX9RLT

    Unit ID's

    I wasn't able to find a definitive answer. So I am going to ask. If there's any links to this, please post below. I have a question about inputting Unit ID's into the SDS200. I know most of you are going to automatically send the easy to read manual, lol That is not the question, lol...
  7. G

    Programing one Unit ID/Radio ID on multiple Radios

    Is it possible to program one single Unit ID on multiple handhelds? For example: Radio #1: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Radio #2: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Radio #3: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Thanks for the help, gb
  8. AK4FD

    Unit ID's...?

    I have a question I hope someone can answer... I've looked up and down and can't seem to find anything on the topic but on the BCT-15X when you have Unit ID's enabled and they show up, is there a way to program the Unit ID's using FreeScan or whatever software that when a Unit ID shows up I can...
  9. N

    Unit ID Question - usage?

    I installed the updates with no problem. I wonder of someone can explain the real value of the unit ID feature. I only monitor two trunked systems, one a mass transit system (BART) and the other a distant Police system. I see the numeric unit id when the mobile unit transmits -- but what does...