unit id

  1. medic29

    Unit IDs

    Can Unit IDs be utilized when scanning the full database, or only when scanning Favorite lists? I have several Unit ID's for my local area I'd like to utilize when I'm in my local area, but I scan the full database by location. I'm not currently scanning any Favorite lists.
  2. VOXScanningYT

    New Castle County Fire & EMS Unit IDs

    Hello, I am currently trying to program unit IDs for New Castle County Fire & EMS into my BCD325P2. I have looked all over the internet and have found nothing. Could anybody provide me with a list, or do I have to manually search for them? Thanks, VOXScanningYT
  3. B

    Anyone have a list of CNYICC Unit ID's?

    I'm searching for a list of Unit ID's for the CNYICC, particularly Onondaga County Fire/EMS/LEO. I'm wondering if anyone maybe already has this information entered into their scanner, or maybe in an excel spreadsheet for easy entry. I have no problem doing this myself, but I figure why reinvent...
  4. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Unit ID's

    I wasn't able to find a definitive answer. So I am going to ask. If there's any links to this, please post below. I have a question about inputting Unit ID's into the SDS200. I know most of you are going to automatically send the easy to read manual, lol That is not the question, lol...
  5. G

    Programing one Unit ID/Radio ID on multiple Radios

    Is it possible to program one single Unit ID on multiple handhelds? For example: Radio #1: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Radio #2: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Radio #3: 400.000 RAN 10 KEY 45123 Unit/RADIO ID 5 Thanks for the help, gb
  6. AK4FD

    Unit ID's...?

    I have a question I hope someone can answer... I've looked up and down and can't seem to find anything on the topic but on the BCT-15X when you have Unit ID's enabled and they show up, is there a way to program the Unit ID's using FreeScan or whatever software that when a Unit ID shows up I can...
  7. N

    Unit ID Question - usage?

    I installed the updates with no problem. I wonder of someone can explain the real value of the unit ID feature. I only monitor two trunked systems, one a mass transit system (BART) and the other a distant Police system. I see the numeric unit id when the mobile unit transmits -- but what does...