1. P

    Why are the upgrades so expensive?

    This is another question about them. Why are they so expensive and why don't they come with the unit?
  2. S

    SDS100/SDS200: SDS100 Upgrades Question

    Hey all, Probably a silly question but I searched the forum and don't see any answers. I purchased an SDS100 I plugged it into computer I upgraded Firmware I upgraded Database I then "Wrote to Scanner" (not sure if this is necessary, but it seemed to clear all my custom beeps and settings). I...
  3. L


  4. mallarddrake777

    Upgrades and or Mods?

    Good morning and I apologize for any inconvenience as I am new hear....Have been a scanner enthusiast for yrs. Getting back into it and so much has changed...lol....I have a (Uniden-BCD-436HP) Hand-Held and Base...And a (Whistler-WS-1040) Hand-Held and Base. I am willing to pay for upgrades? But...
  5. blantonl

    Forums Software Upgraded to Version 3.7.1

    The RadioReference.com Forums have been upgraded to the latest version 3.7.1! New features and functionality includes social groups, social bookmarking, tags for threads, new member profile pages and customization, admin defined thread prefixes, friendship social networking, public messaging...