1. K

    Headphone Jack Repair

    I have a BCD996T and it has the headphone jack problem where the internal speaker and the rear speaker jack does not work, yet the headphone jack does work. Will Uniden still repair this problem? Can they upgrade the firmware at the same time?
  2. A

    BC125AT - Suggestions and comments

    Let me start by saying I'm an avid radio buff, operating multiple scanners and ham radios and other equipment 24/7. This is not a full review since others have done a pretty decent job of that already. First impressions: The multi-function knob changes channels when turned, adjusts volume...
  3. k2epm

    Look how the Aussies play

    I stumbled upon this....I sure wish Uniden had a US version....either CB/HAM/FRS and a scanner. http://madelectronics.com.au/shop/download/pdf/UH_8080NB-2.pdf
  4. UPMan

    Has it Really been 10 Years?

    7/25/2013 marked my 10th anniversary at Uniden America. Wow, time really flies. Let's see. When I started at Uniden: This site (in the current form) did not exist. Instead, we hung out at www.trunkedradio.net. In my case, my hanging out was quite secret...being caught posting on behalf of a...
  5. T

    NASCAR: SC230 Priority Scanning question

    Posted this in the Uniden Scanners forum and didn't get a response so I'm hoping maybe somebody checking here could help me: Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT...
  6. T

    SC230 Race System Priority Scanning Question

    Hey all--getting ready for racing at Kansas Speedway in a couple weeks and I picked up a SC230 over the holidays to really get serious. It replaces my old Uniden BC95XT. I've spent a few months loading both racing and conventional systems on it and both work fantastic. So now, I'm getting it...
  7. N

    City of WIlmington

    Ok, so I have gotten help with this problem before, but the solution has sent me past that point...... As some people have also experienced on the Home Patrol, Wilmington would not scan (yes I am within the city limits) - so I think it was audiodave (thanks by the way) who suggest that I turn...
  8. jkahn

    HP-1 and Motorola Digital End Code

    Paul? Is there any way to turn the Digital End Code on for a specific system? Us folks in the DC Metropolitan area that monitor the Montgomery Co MD TRS have developed a new problem with the radio hanging after a comms. Often, you will hear another TGID talk while this is hung. Eventually...
  9. B

    BCD396xt Odd Freescan Problem.

    I have dug and dug and dug through the internet to find someone with the same problem as me, but most problems are so similar to mine, although different, I cannot find one helpful piece of information. I have a BCD396xt and want to program it with freescan(currently programmed by hand). I got...
  10. pro106import

    Help- Loud Pop noises through computer speakers

    I am able to hook up a patch cable from the earphone jack of my BCD-396XT to my audio input of my computer sound card and hear the audio great through my computer speakers.But as soon as I hook up the serial port cable from the computer to the radio, I get loud pop noises whenever the radio...
  11. jwcooper141

    Uniden 'Service'!!!!

    My 246T got a little deaf, so I called about getting it repaired. I was told turnaround was 1 week after receipt. Sent the scanner in via UPS. Checked on it this morning and found that it had been 'received' on 6/26; even though UPS tracking indicates it was delivered 6/23; and was...