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    Vehicular adapter for XTS 2500?

    Hi folks, I was looking recently at those old NTN8560F vehicular adapters, or the newer NTN8560G. Very cheap to find on ebay and would be pretty nice for my 5000. However, I have some 2500s and I was wondering if anybody has every tried using one with the vehicular adapter. I assume the size...
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    1995 Corvette 460 MHz antenna solutions?

    We're wanting to mount a UHF antenna on my son's 1995 Corvette. He is going to be using GMRS and possibly some UHF licensed LMR nearby in frequency at some point in the future (but not as important). The retracting antenna motor for FM stereo is no longer working so we are considering that...
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    Mount antenna to roof rack or back hatch?

    I am looking to install a Yaesu FT7900 & Larsen NMO2/70B on my Subaru Outback but the antenna situation is a little tricky because I have a roof rack that I am not willing to part with. I am trying to determine the best location to mount an antenna. In the attached photo, I highlight two...
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    2011 Tahoe PPV & 2013 Tahoe PPV Installs

    After looking at both the 2011 Tahoe PPV Install and 2013 Tahoe Police Package PPV installs, I was also considering a new or barely used Tahoe PPV or a Suburban Commercial Decor, although I'm a bit un-decided on what I would pick. The primary importance being "Official Use" mobile and portable...