1. M

    Wildcard Talkgroups

    Hey, Im pretty new here, i think this is the right board to ask this. Some of the DMR entries in the frequency database list talkgroup as "TG:*". Ive been told this means its a "wildcard". Does this mean that it is a trunked system? And if it is not a trunked system, would anyone have advice on...
  2. CopperWhopper67

    TRX-1, Wildcard Help & Logging Radio IDs

    What's the purpose of a Wildcard, and how do I use it effectively? The manual is kind of vague about it. In the EZ-Scan software there is a section under each trunked system labelled Radio IDs. What's the purpose for this and how do I log IDs into the system? Thanks for the help!
  3. P

    No Wildcards please

    Hello All, Pete from Detroit here with my first post. I have a Radio Shack Pro 96, and am trying to listen to the local police and fire, ONLY. I used the copy of Win 96 that i bought to program the sites for my location, and all of the talkgroups that I want. Unfortunately I am getting a bunch...
  4. MasterScan40

    Wildcard Talkgroup ID Question

    Seeking info on the Talkgroup ID # for my Wildcard in Pro2096 and/or Pro197. Wildcard needs to be on private call (PV), but doesn't say that and I can't figure out how to change it on ARC500 or WIN500 programs. Did the Firmware update to what I thought was 2.0, turned out to be 1.7... when I...
  5. MasterScan40

    Pro197 Control Channels Confusing

    When I'm in the TUNE search, I found 5-6 control channels all get 99% on reception. Are they bleed over from control channels? These are after a main control channel. I was using a PRO2096 - now I'm using a PRO197. The 96 can't get the control channels in but the 197 can... This does this...
  6. nc28478

    pro 106~ wildcard lock out

    pro 106~ wild card lock out when i lockout a tgid i have or dislike i get.......................... duplicate tgid: 33130(example) create another? yes or no i assume no do to lockout......but same talk group reappears later not being locked out. can someone explain how to lock out...
  7. recon20

    Identifying wildcard hits in Utah

    Hello everyone, I've got a pro-197 that I recently purchased, and I'm finally starting to get somewhat comfortable with it. I live in SLC, and I've programmed most of the police, fire, etc. When I get wildcard hits, how do I identify them? Is there a list of them by radio I.D.#? I've got...
  8. S

    Need PSR 500 programming help

    I have several scanners, and I want the PSR 500 to monitor an EDAC trunked system except certain talkgroups that I am monitoring with other scanners. So in ARC500 I created a wildcard talkgroup, and then I went to the six talkgroups that I don't want to hear, and activated Lockout. One of...
  9. E

    Talkgroups vs Radio IDs & Scanning

    For the last week or so, I've had Win500 set up and recording local Group Wildcards and it's been working pretty well so far, found a lot of unlisted groups on my Pro-106. I've recently changed the settings for the radio to also log Radio IDs, which seems to be working also. Thus stems my...