1. M

    Win500: - Status is finally offline and dead ? - Status is finally offline and dead ? Maybe Don Starr can let us know what’s going on... ;) - Not working - Not working - Not Working Is down right now...
  2. R

    win96 and chromebook

    Hello Im looking to invest in a decent priced Windows operated chromebook so I have a computer specifically for programming my scanners, as right now I only have a MacBook. Will win96/arc300 work on a Chromebook or not, if anyone knows?
  3. M

    win96 "incorrect model"

    Hello Everyone, I get "incorrect model" when trying to upload. Also theres no progress bar on upload and there is on download. Is there a button I am missing on upload perhaps? Windows 10 home pc and windows vista laptop using radio shack 20-546 cord; pro2096 will download from scanner using...
  4. M

    WIN96 Not Showing Everything in RR Database

    I'm trying to populate my Pro-2096 with conventional (non-trunked) public service frequencies in, and around Hartford, CT using the Web Import function of WIN96. However, whenever I go to display the conventional frequencies available for download from Hartford County, no Public Service freqs...
  5. WA6PMW

    USFS import with Win 96 problem.

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to WEB import a bank of US Forest service channels using Win96 to a RS Pro 96 ? I can't find hardly any federal freq. on the import list.
  6. G

    Win 96 XML error

    I received the following error when trying to import from radio to Win96: XML error detected: no element found near: ^ while requesting URL: I went to and updated the RRlib.dll and also installed MS .Net but I am...
  7. V

    xml error

    received the following message: XML error detected: no element found near: ^ while requesting URL: Any ideas??
  8. V

    xml error

    Just started to receive this message, after finally figuring out WIN96. Please help!!!
  9. N

    Couldn't make the scanner meeting - does anyone have time to help me?

    I was hoping to get some help at the last meeting but couldn't make it. I live on the east side of St. Paul and was hoping there might be someone who is happy with their scanner setup and lwould let me clone their program and also give me a brief lesson in Win96. I have a handheld RS Pro96 and...
  10. N

    I need help with Win96

    I would like to program the following talkgroups: LTAC-1 thru 4, METCOM, PTAC-1 thru 4, ATAC-1 thru 4, MRCC East, in my "always on" bank (RS Pro-96), but when I import from Radio Reference I can't find them listed under the talkgroups. Is there anyone who could step me through this?
  11. F

    Bought/Received New Key. Won't work in any of my computers

    I used PayPal and received new "name" and "Key". On 2 of my won't allow me to replace the old "name" and "key". I can't delete or write over the old 'name' and 'key'. I downloaded and installed the newest version of Win96. I'm able to log on to the site, and this
  12. G

    Win 96 Conventional freq web import

    This may be a stupid question, but I'm unable to figure out (I've read the information on the starrsoft website) exactly how to import the freqs into a channel bank in Win 96. I'm fine through all the steps including "Write XML". But what do I need to do after that? I've tried importing the...
  13. M

    Problem with 20-047 cable drivers

    I'm trying to use a 20-047 cable with my Pro-96 to upload data from a Vista machine. I'm using Win96 to program it. I was able to download from the scanner to the computer, but I cannot upload from Win96 to the scanner. I have the correct port selected (COM4). I'm not using the 3-inch mono...