xts 3000 uhf

  1. S

    Motorola XTS 3000 CPS

    I just recently purchased a Motorola XTS 3000 radio online. I can get the programming cable real easy online, but what about the CPS for it? Where and how can I find that?
  2. ladn

    CPS R 05.03.00 mod

    Has anyone tried the out of band mod (CPS Out of Band Modification HOWTO) on this version of the CPS? I tried to bend the UHF band limit down to 440 MHz, but the software still complained and wouldn't let me save the codeplug.
  3. B

    XTS 3000 questions

    Hello all, i have recently purchased a XTS3000 model 2. the flashcode is 500008-000000-1 and the model number is H09RDF9PW7BN. I have a few questions about programming options. First off, is there a guide or chart of what all possibilities that the buttons/switches can be programmed to do? And...