xts 5000

  1. E

    XTS5000 converta com question

    Will the xts5000 model 1 work with the advanced display control head for the converta com??
  2. P

    Help with XTS5000 as a Scanner

    I've been trying to get my XTS 5000 to Monitor the Palmetto 800 which is a Phase ii but uses phase i digital for comms, i got the control channels and hex ids set up but it keeps flashing out of range on the screen, and when it dosen't i dont hear anything, but i hear talking on my other scanner...
  3. A

    Flashcodes, what do they mean, and do I need a different one?

    Hi, I'm very new to programming motorolas. I've programmed Baofengs and Ailunce HD1s before, which I've been able to figure out. But I'm having trouble with this new Motorola XTS 5000R I bought. I'm trying to program a frequency in it in the UHF band (453.x), but it says its invalid on Astro...
  4. N

    Radio failed to acknowledge

    Hi, ive just gotten my hands on another xts5k uhfr1 and cps wont read it. i've read my other xts5k and it works fine but the new one just wont read, please help. radio is a model 2 uhfr1
  5. F

    XTL/XTS5000 Problems with DPL Squelch on XTS 5000

    As per recommendation, I just got my hands on a tuned, aligned XTS5000 and programmed it with my company's channels. 90% of the time it works fine, but the other 10% the DPL squelch tends to go in and out on rx. I've included a recording of the radio doing this below. When I remove DPL squelch...
  6. H

    XTVA & SVR-200

    Hi all, I’m trying to figure out how to wire up my SVR-200 to my XTVA. I’ve got it all figured out except for the COR and TXing wires for the SVR. My question is this: is there a COR output on the XTVA? I’m just gonna tie the ptt and TXing lines together.
  7. NLACo

    Recording Motorola XTS5000 Tones

    Hello, I have a Motorola XTS5000 radio that’s a 800/900Mhz radio. I am wanting to record tones for personal use. Is there a way to enter a test mode where I could press the man down along with the PTT button or a frequency that I could use if I’m not a ham radio operator? Sorry if this is the...
  8. M

    Toronto Fire Phase 2 Reception Issues all of a sudden on XTS5000

    Hi, I have been listening to Toronto in Vaughan just a few km north of Toronto. All of a sudden within the past week my radio has been dead silent, I am only picking stuff up sometimes. Prior to a week ago, I was picking up everything. Is anyone else having issues? Does it have something to do...
  9. M

    Enabling Channel announcement on XTS 5000r

    Hi I was wondering if I can enable Channel announcement on my XTS 5000r on Astro 25 Portable CPS 20.01.00. I have never actually programmed a radio in CPS before so is this something if I do wrong I can brick my radio or screw something up?
  10. M

    Help needed for programing xts5000r for the first time

    I just received my xts 5000 r programming cable from eBay i do want to mention that it is not OEM. I would like to also point out I bought the radio off some guy and he did not give me the code plug. I am looking to program the radio to the first time I would like to know what I should know...
  11. E

    XTS5000 display buttons missing

    Hi guys, I noticed today that some of the options in my codeplug that I put in the display selected items are actually missing from my radio. Some examples are the nuisance delete and mute buttons. The radio is using conventional profiles, not trunked, and as such I have the conventional section...
  12. M

    HT1250 Unknown sound after transmissions?

    I have Police, Fire, and EMS programmed onto my two HT 1250's. After most transmissions on those frequencies, there is this unknown sound that plays. I also have MURS frequencies programmed onto the radios, and after transmitting on them, that sound doesn't happen. I don't have this issue on my...
  13. I

    XTL/XTS5000 AES/UCM compatibility

    Howdy folks, long time lurker. Finally bit the bullet and decided to go with big M for my small group on our licensed business freq. The pile of radios are all the same flashcode: 180001-001002-5 Q806 ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation Q498 Hardware Multikey Encryption w/ OTAR H35 Conventional...
  14. P

    Can my Moto xts be reprogramed to work with Moto cp200d

    At my new job we use Motorola cp200 and cp200d uhf radios. I still have my Motorola xts5000 from my prior job. The model xts i have according to the frequency chart / model number identification is - Position 4 - S = Frequency Band470 to 520MHz Position 8 - Primary Operation = Programmable...
  15. beaker7

    Rx TMS and Pages while on scan.

    Hello all, I am looking to set up my XTS5000 VHF to be able to receive text messages (TMS) and pages (in ASTRO25) while on scan mode. Is this possible? I have played with just about all the settings but cant seem to make it happen. Thanks in advance!
  16. G

    Xts5000 program

    Hey everyone I have a Unique problem we are try to program a xts5000 model2 for the use in our county and we can read the radio but we we go to write the code plug to the radio there no error message it just said a the it can’t find the radio but we can reread the radio and it works fine any...
  17. D

    XTS 5000

    So I have a lot to learn about the 2-way world but I have an XTS 500 and I am needing to have it programed. Looking for someone local that might be able to program this radio. NOT LOOKING FOR SOFTWARE!!!!
  18. beaker7

    Astro 25 CPS running on a PDA

    Hey y'all I asked a question a while back asking if the XTS5000 Astro 25 CPS will run on a Windows PDA. Well I have gotten it partially working. I got the CPS running on a Motorola MC9596 PDA with Windows 6.5 Embedded! So that is running successfully but (theirs always a but...) I have no way of...
  19. E

    xts 5000 modle 3 trunked programming

    yes when I edited my scan list to add zone 8 channel 1 to scan it will shows it in the scan list after I write the radio but wont work but all the other I put in work for some reason it the only zone 8 and channel 1 also when I am on that zone 8 and channel 1 I can not even put the...
  20. E

    west virginia sirn programming freq

    does anybody have a list to share of countys on the system I got my xts5000 back from 911 center and they forgot to program some counties in my portable any help or links would be great