1. SignalEmitter5000

    IMPRES batteries & “Rem. Cap”

    What is the significance of the “Rem. Cap” followed by random numbers? I see this on my IMPRES batteries but have never been told or informed by anybody or through any Google searches of its meaning. I’ve assumed it was how many charges the battery would support, comparable to the estimated...
  2. SignalEmitter5000

    Hex Editing XTS1500/2500 900MHz For 33cm Band

    I need some assistance in figuring out how difficult it is in my CPS to hex edit either an XTS1500 or an XTS2500 to operate on the 900MHz spectrum, primarily the 33cm band of 902-928MHz. Can either radio be modified to do the 33cm band? If so, which? I’m trying to get into P25 900MHz via a...
  3. K2NEC

    XTS2500 NAS

    Not asking for instructions here I just want to know if NAS is POSSIBLE on an XTS2500. The features on an XTS5000 that require NAS to work aren't available on an XTS2500. So is it even possible for it to be done?
  4. K2NEC

    XTS2500 PL problem

    I have a strange problem with my XTS2500. Whenever I try to listen to Riverdale FD with a PL it won't decode audio. But when I take the PL out into CSQ it works fine. And yes I have the right PL so don't think that is wrong. PL is 192.8 and I change back and forth with FPP but no matter what it...
  5. ll35689k

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    I have a XTS2500 with multiple Scan Lists set in the CPS. How do I choose which scan list is active on the radio? I thought if I turned to a zone/channel that was in one of the secondary scan lists it would scan that list but that doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  6. K2NEC


    I have an XTS2500 M3 that displays "RADIO LOCKED" when powered on. I know this means the previous user had a password but if I force a good codeplug into the radio this should fix that right? Will I be able to read from the radio?
  7. K2NEC

    XTS2500 PTT

    How does one go about replacing the XTS2500 PTT? I have a BN 2500 with a PTT that cracked right in the middle and I want to replace it. The issue isn't finding the replacement part, it's how to get it in. From what I can tell it has 4 'fins' in each corner that hold it in place. How you you...
  8. zacsharpe

    XTS2500 Counterfeit?

    Not meaning to bring up an old topic, but as of 2017 are there any Motorola "counterfeits"? I have an XTS2500 and i believe it to be a panter88 radio. When I got it, it appeared to have a bad gasket seal. I opened it up and fixed the issue. Also it has a silver "Motorola" label instead of a...
  9. K

    Is this possible?

    I've never owned a Motorola or an advanced commercial HT. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a combination of trunking and conventional programmed into the radio? For example: An XTS2500 UHF 450 to 512 - Our FD uses both convential UHF and a trunked system. Is it possible to have both on one...
  10. SlipNutz15

    XTS2500 audio clips out

    I've search the forums multiple ways before typing this. I have an XTS2500 VHF and it seems that at the end of certain transmissions or noise thresholds the audio clips off and it takes approximately three seconds before the audio comes back through. Am I missing some audio setting that stops...
  11. R

    XTS 2500 won't scan

    I have several XTS 2500 that I have tried everything I can to get them to scan. I can view the scan list in the cps and have a side button program for scan but when I press it is gi ves me a beep and does nothing. I tried to program the "b" switch positions to "scan list program " and I still...
  12. T

    XTS 2500 or BCD436HP

    Okay so I think I have narrowed down my search for a new scanner/radio to the BCD436HP or XTS2500. I am looking to monitor Toronto Public Safety (https://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/?sid=738) all fire talk groups and Mississauga Fire talk groups and city of Mississauga talk groups...
  13. M

    Impres Charger for Lithium Ion Battery

    I was just curious as to what the appropriate IMPRES charger would be for a lithium ion battery for my XTS 2500. The battery im looking at is the: NNTN7335B NNTN7335 - Motorola IMPRES IP67 Battery - LiIon 2700 mAh Would the WPLN411AR charger be appropriate for that type of battery?
  14. gordonfan954

    XTS 2500 MDC

    I have an XTS2500 Model 3 with FPP. When I have the radio scanning, it doesn't mute MDC, but when it is not scanning, it mutes perfectly. I have gone through the CPS and have not found anything in the scan configuration. I have DOS enabled. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. J

    XTS2500 on a TRS - Replacing XTS3000

    Hi all, Okay I am not familiar with the system controller end of a TRS so some of these questions may seem dumb and I apologize. Ok here goes.. I have an XTS2500 that I want to program to replace my XTS3000 on a TRS. The XTS3000 is my issued radio (this is not a law enforcement system, so no...
  16. S

    XTS2500 Compatible mics?

    Anyone have a list of OEM MOTOROLA mics that are compatible with the XTS2500?
  17. T

    Motorola XTS2500 and programming a P25 system

    So, I had a pretty cool idea last week, that was to buy a brand new XTS2500 and use it as a scanner. I later found out that I did not have all of the information I needed prior to programming, I needed know the talkgroup ID's for the system I want to monitor. I heard something from a colleague...
  18. M

    Motorla XTS2500 Programming

    Hello I'm currently an HT1250 user and I love the benefits of having my own portable in the public safety realm. Im interested in updating to a XTS 2500 as after the narrowbanding I see we are eventaully going to be going digital. but I'm concerned as to the situation with the CPS software. I...
  19. S

    problem with XTS2500 & XTS 5000 "site Trunking"

    all of our radios mobiles base stations and handhelds all say site trunking and are not allowing the users to transmit on them. When the base station radios are moved to the repeater channel they work with no problem however no other radios work in the system. It is also a problem city wide...
  20. Z

    SIGNALING!??? Talk permit tone question

    I have an Motorola xts 2500 model 3 conventional model! Im tryin to get the talk permit tone (like the Motorola chirp sound) Without using the astro signaling or trunking! Is there a way or hack or trick maybe with DTMF I want to press my PTT and here the chirp TPT tone