1. rjvalenta

    connecting to the RMN5104A - has anyone?

    i have a RMN5104A connected to an XTS5000 or an XTS2500... i downloaded the manual, the instructions seem pretty simple... but neither my Apple Airpods nor the JLab GO Air Tones (which I use with my AnyTone handheld) can seem to make the connection. i opened the Bluetooth settings on my Mac...
  2. Z

    XTS2500 Stuck in FPP

    Bought a couple used XTS2500's. I have a good knowledge of how to program my radios in CPS. However both radios came with over 94 conventional personalities across 6 zones that I am unable to delete, I learned that I am unable to delete them in CPS due to FPP being enabled. I am trying to figure...
  3. R

    XTS2500 battery stuck on radio

    This is an issue with both my XTS2500s. Bought a pair of brand new genuine Motorola Li-Ions, but they are pretty well stuck on now. The NiMH they replaced were easily removable. I know how they attach, but for the life of me the tabs just won't release. Is this a common issue or is it a matter...
  4. R

    XTS2500 & XTS5000 - poor repeater P25 reception

    Been trying to diagnose an issue with my XTS2500s and XTS5000 VHF intermittently and randomly receiving repeater transmissions Radios are exactly as received, no fiddling aside from the normal customizations. Purchased and aligned from a reputable source. XTS2500 (pair are identical)...
  5. L


  6. PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    PENDING TRADE (2) XTS2500 700/800

    Picked these up at a local reseller and didn’t realize they were 700/800 and they won’t do returns. I bought the pair for $424. I’d like that back and will eat the shipping :( H46UCH9PW2BN Comes how you see it. 2 radios, 2 batteries, 2 impress chargers, 2 holsters, 1 belt As-is. Both power...
  7. F


    I have recently got an XTS2500 to use with the USFS on deployments as a personal radio but the FPP future was removed. How can I get that back? Current specs: XTS2500 FLASHcode: 540018-401488-6 Codeplug:0024 Firmware:R17.00.02 Feature set: Q574 H869 Q883 H04 Q947
  8. J

    XTS 2500 Power / PTT Issue?

    Hi there, first time posting here. Im having an issue with my XTS 2500, its a UHF model that I use for some of my backcountry communication for work. I primarily use my HT1550 VHF. Recently my Xts has starting chirping at my when I push my PTT to talk and on some channels it just fully cuts...
  9. H

    Thin/Compact battery for the XTS2500

    Can anyone suggest a good capacity lithium-ion battery for the XTS2500? I purchased an XTS 2500 because it was more compact than my XTS5000. However when looking at the photos of the XTS2500 the battery looks to add a fair amount of bulk to the radio. Can anyone suggest a thin quality battery...
  10. Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 (full keypad) with AES encryption

    I am selling these portables, first come, first sold. These are in great condition and are military surplus. The HOST/DSP is R17+. The Flashcode for every radio is 160003-000100-8. Every radio has FPP activated and is P25. NONE have been modified so the tags and flash match. These were used...
  11. M

    XTS2500 Software

    So i have several XTS 2500 radios that i would like to program. Is it still possible to download the software somewhere, and if so where? I've googled all i can and so far all i could find is something called Astro25 Portable R20.01.00 I am some what of a newbie, but i have worked on...
  12. SignalEmitter5000

    IMPRES batteries & “Rem. Cap”

    What is the significance of the “Rem. Cap” followed by random numbers? I see this on my IMPRES batteries but have never been told or informed by anybody or through any Google searches of its meaning. I’ve assumed it was how many charges the battery would support, comparable to the estimated...
  13. SignalEmitter5000

    Hex Editing XTS1500/2500 900MHz For 33cm Band

    I need some assistance in figuring out how difficult it is in my CPS to hex edit either an XTS1500 or an XTS2500 to operate on the 900MHz spectrum, primarily the 33cm band of 902-928MHz. Can either radio be modified to do the 33cm band? If so, which? I’m trying to get into P25 900MHz via a...
  14. K2NEC

    XTS2500 NAS

    Not asking for instructions here I just want to know if NAS is POSSIBLE on an XTS2500. The features on an XTS5000 that require NAS to work aren't available on an XTS2500. So is it even possible for it to be done?
  15. K2NEC

    XTS2500 PL problem

    I have a strange problem with my XTS2500. Whenever I try to listen to Riverdale FD with a PL it won't decode audio. But when I take the PL out into CSQ it works fine. And yes I have the right PL so don't think that is wrong. PL is 192.8 and I change back and forth with FPP but no matter what it...
  16. ll35689k

    XTS 2500 Multiple Scan Lists

    I have a XTS2500 with multiple Scan Lists set in the CPS. How do I choose which scan list is active on the radio? I thought if I turned to a zone/channel that was in one of the secondary scan lists it would scan that list but that doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
  17. K2NEC


    I have an XTS2500 M3 that displays "RADIO LOCKED" when powered on. I know this means the previous user had a password but if I force a good codeplug into the radio this should fix that right? Will I be able to read from the radio?
  18. K2NEC

    XTS2500 PTT

    How does one go about replacing the XTS2500 PTT? I have a BN 2500 with a PTT that cracked right in the middle and I want to replace it. The issue isn't finding the replacement part, it's how to get it in. From what I can tell it has 4 'fins' in each corner that hold it in place. How you you...
  19. zacsharpe

    XTS2500 Counterfeit?

    Not meaning to bring up an old topic, but as of 2017 are there any Motorola "counterfeits"? I have an XTS2500 and i believe it to be a panter88 radio. When I got it, it appeared to have a bad gasket seal. I opened it up and fixed the issue. Also it has a silver "Motorola" label instead of a...
  20. K

    Is this possible?

    I've never owned a Motorola or an advanced commercial HT. I'm wondering if it's possible to have a combination of trunking and conventional programmed into the radio? For example: An XTS2500 UHF 450 to 512 - Our FD uses both convential UHF and a trunked system. Is it possible to have both on one...