2020 Ford F350 Kenwood Dual Band Install


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Sep 9, 2013
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Good to know. Typically it’s advised to keep transmit antennas as far away from scanner antennas as possible since scanners don’t have stout front ends but hopefully it won’t blowout the rx on it being that close.
I'd like to think that the antennas are separated far enough frequency wise that it shouldn't happen. 144 vs 780
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Aug 4, 2020
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Very nice to see!

Allow me a recommendation I’d make to anyone:

ANCOR Fire-Retardant split-loom wire conduit (or equivalent meeting USCG-spec).

I drive over 100,000-miles annually. My experience is that power cabling & coax sooner or later gets dirt and accidental abuse which conduit both minimizes or prevents AND adds protection (maybe some RF rejection).

OEM harnesses are the guide. I believe these should come in/out of the vehicle with a minimum of hassle. Are complete within themselves. (Same goes for oil cooler hoses, etc).

At the firewall I now use Marine Cable Glands for power runs.

Adel Clamps (cushioned) to prevent movement.

USCG-rated Marine Duplex Wiring. This plus conduit equals three (3) layers of wire protection). The higher the maximum amp draw, the more important.

USCG has its own rules (vibration a huge problem as for us; no solder, only crimps). On those forums pertaining, how motor & sail operators do the same runs are instructive when pictured.

(Airplanes are more restricted yet).

Thus also, USCG-rated Adhesive Heat Shrink Terminations.

This guideline-set for me (past 25-years) leads to permanent quality (dont have to rebuild; just maintain) installs lasting more than a decade.

FWIW, I haven’t ever NOT removed and re-installed a mobile rig to better things. Once. Sometimes more.

Not saying anyone else should.

The above is offered for consideration only.

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