396 on the Safe T System

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Jan 14, 2003
A few posts ago i received help with programming in some Indiana SAFE T system towers from some scannists on this board and one especially T207-Lake Co sounded fantastic coming over today to attend the "Gary Southshore Railcats" baseball game...I used my 396 with the old firmware 1.11.03, the digital decode and quality using a RS800mgz antenna was fantastic from Cline AVE all the way to the ball park.Im not changing my firmware ver as the old works great on 3600 and 9600 baud systems for me..The part of the SAFE T system i heard sounds much better than the ILL-Starcom....I did copy T102-Cook Co South from ILL up to the Indiana ILL border....Picked up a few new talk groups=12976-IDOT, 12272-Dist21, also ID45072 which i could not find on the SAFE T system list....At the ball park in Gary the CCall on the 396 picked up park OPS on 451.7250-DCS031....Had a great time at the ball game and scanning, thanks to all that helped me with the towers, hope to visit your fine state again....Ron in Joliet ILL
Not open for further replies.