911 in Gloucester could be York County

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Sep 3, 2004
Williamsburg, VA
This article appeared in today's Daily Press. It answers one question about where the Poquoson Dispatcher is located......in York County. Gloucester may follow the same path. It also states there is no timetable for the Gloucester joining the James City/Williamsburg/York County system.

source: http://www.dailypress.com/news/local/middlepeninsula/dp-local_glodispatch_0417apr17,0,869491.story

"The county's emergency dispatch center operations could be moved to York County in one of three scenarios Gloucester officials are considering in advance of a new $14 million Motorola communications system the county is buying.

Gloucester County is acquiring the new emergency communications system so it can communicate with neighboring localities such as York and James City counties and also to improve coverage throughout the county.

But the county is in a crunch because it needs space for the new system. While moving the 911 dispatch center to York is one option, two other options include remodeling space in the sheriff's office or constructing a separate building, said interim County Administrator Lane Ramsey Tuesday night at a public hearing on the county budget.

The county doesn't have a timeline on when the new emergency communications system will be implemented, said a county spokeswoman.

York County Sheriff J.D. "Danny" Diggs said moving Gloucester's dispatch center to York would be a "sharing of services." Taking on Gloucester's system would require an addition to York's dispatch center, but Diggs said the move would save Gloucester substantial amounts money.

Last year, Poquoson transferred its dispatch services to York's facility.

Seven Gloucester County officials, including Supervisor Chair Teresa Altemus, Sheriff Steve Gentry and interim County Administrator Lane Ramsey, traveled to Motorola headquarters in Schaumburg Ill., on April 7-11 for a test-run on the radio system, said Christi Lewis, a Gloucester spokeswoman.

Ramsey told supervisors Tuesday night that additional information will be presented at the April 29 board meeting."
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