996XT/Group Quick Keys/GPS

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Feb 6, 2004
Louisville, KY
I’m scratching my head on this one.

I’ve created a separate system for the Kentucky State Police, which is a conventional system and it has its own unique System Quick Key. I’ve set each post (or district) as a group. Each group has the appropriate GPS location information programmed so that as I enter each post’s area, the appropriate frequencies are “turned on”.

I cannot disable the System Quick Key for my Kentucky State Police system (which is #4). Every time I hit the 4 button, it comes back on. I’m guessing this is because the GPS has me in range of one or more posts.

Is this the way it should be, or have I missed a setting somewhere causing this to happen? I’d really like to have the ability to enable/disable the KSP system with a System Quick Key. I suppose a “work around” would be to lock-out frequencies as they become active and then cycle the scanner power to restore them, but that seems a little cumbersome.
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