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APX O5 Question

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Sep 29, 2015
Houston, Texas

I am working on setting up a Zello Gateway at work for our primary dispatch/ops channel to be interface onto our ZelloWork network, my best option is the APX O5 that we have set up to basically listen to radio traffic in our day room. We don't currently use it to talk so it's open for that functionality.

Is there a cable that can attach to the accessory/mic port on the O5 that plugs in via an RoIP adapter?

The only other option I have radio hardware wise is an APX6500 handheld, and there's no way that my agency can afford TRBOnet or whatever Motorola's in house RoIP solution is so that's off the table.

Thanks in advance!


Oct 10, 2016
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Unfortunately none of those that I see have the "MAP" connector on the end. That is what you would need to do that. You could custom make it. You can quite affordably buy the parts dissembled, would just need to buy the components for the Radio-Tone RoIP. The connector is part #HLN6961 and pins are part #3980034F04

Information about the connector here: APX6500 Accessory Connector

Someone may know of a COTS product that will do the same, might have to use a different gateway, but I am the type of person who would just make the cable.


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Jun 16, 2013
I can't quite remember if audio is fully mapped out on the DB-26HD accessory plug of the O5. In a typical setup you'd be using dash mount and utilzing the . The ROIP gateway otherwise just interfaces via E&M, grounds PTT to TX and Channel Activity is used for COR.

Here's what you'll typically need.
1 - Ground
16 - PTT
13 - Channel activity
21 - RX audio
23 - TX audio
* 15 should remain jumped to 14 as it's better to have emergency shorted to ground and not need it than to try and figure out why your radio is starting in an emergency state that you can't get it out of.
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