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APX8000 Firmware


Jun 26, 2020
San Francisco
Just wanted to get some insight on some Motorola firmware updates...

I'm working with a APX8000 and it's on R22. I wanted to see if anyone had input on if I should upgrade the firmware. :unsure: Or if there is a better version with more stability (Any added benefits) I get the whole don't fix it if it's not broken...

The primary use is conventional channels with intelligent scans on a couple of P25 systems (Non-Affiliated/TX Disabled). With the addition of one bank being attached to a P25 system.

Also, any way to attach a TPT to non-trunked conventional channels? :unsure:

Also, R31 was a mess X.X


Oct 23, 2017
I wouldn't upgrade it past 26 and there's not many differences between 22 and 26.

As for the TPT, there's a P25 conventional TPT but in R32


NY/NJ Database Guy
Database Admin
Oct 4, 2007
Yeah, or you can simply stop making veiled or overt references to that software which you are fully aware shouldn't be discussed here.


Premium Subscriber
Feb 8, 2023
Los Angeles & Berkeley, CA
I typically like to use and update to the latest whenever I make changes to my radios. I have 3 APXs now, 2 are on the latest, one is a few FW versions back. All seem to run great. It’s a personal preference thing based on your needs and if the radio is stable and working for what you want.


P25 TruCking!
Mar 15, 2008
if you're running hobby radios and its already on R22, might as well rip it up to latest if the flashcode is where you want it to be. If it works fine if you limited utilize features, meh if you don't want do it, don't. There's plenty of stupid crap that was tweaked and fixed, some of those revision releases were quite a list of bug fixes.

Here is the detailed motorola file included with the latest firmware that details changes over the years. click on summary to see quick updates. Click on the PDF will load up the expanded details of that specific revision. You'll see a lot of it pertains to advanced features, then bug fixes and some new features, some may be of interest. I use some of them.

I just use the latest on my hobby radios. You wont see or find issues unless you have it updated. As said some features get added in later releases. I like some of those so its not a huge deal.
Same. I ran R17 for a long time. Then did what I needed/wanted to, ran it up to R22 and got the enhanced UCL contact list expansion, then went R28 for a while and then just went for it to R30 then R32 latest of course skipping the messed up R31. Those new features I do use a few of them.


P25 TruCking!
Mar 15, 2008
You mean bug fixes on top of bug fixes that the next version has to fix because it created bugs?:LOL:
There's a long list between these here in the past year - R30.01, 30.02, 30.04, 30.06, 32.03, 32.30

Remember, they're now doing Baseline, Maintenance, Feature releases.

New Annual Release Strategy

Based on customer feedback on the operational impacts due to numerous radio firmware and CPS/Radio Management system
upgrades, the APX team is rolling out a “New Annual Release” strategy to reduce the need to upgrade as frequently.

The SR2023.1 Release is the first “Baseline Release”. A Baseline Release is defined as follows:
● A single major software release baseline (i.e. R30) to ship from the factory for a 1 year duration*
o The first major release each year will be the Baseline Release
▪ Example: 202X.1 (Rxx.yy.zz) xx - major version updated

● Maintenance Releases (MRs) created to address product part changes; built on the Baseline Release
o Small, incremental release on a major release baseline, reflected by minor version update
▪ Example: 202X.1 (Rxx.yy.zz) yy- minor version updated
o May contain updates to address high impact field issues

The SR2023.2 Release is the first “Feature Release”. A Feature Release is defined as follows:
● Second and third major releases each year (202X.2 and 202X.3)
● Required for customers to access new feature content and/or products
● Includes current year’s baseline release content and previous feature releases

● If you would like the new feature release included on new radios from the factory (instead of baseline release), please work
with your Motorola Account Executive to have them ordered accordingly.
Astro Subscriber Feature Release 2023.2 is orderable on all APX and N-Line radios, and available for download for fielded APX and
N-Line devices. To receive the 2023.2 firmware on newly ordered radios, the order must be flagged as needing the “Latest Release.”
Without this flag on the order, the radios will be shipped with the firmware from the “Baseline Release.”