ATV newbie


Oct 25, 2018
North NJ, Northeast PA
Hi all,

I recently have been reading into amateur tv, and I decided that it would be a fun and challenging project to try and set up a station. I want to set up an analog station on 70cm so that I can try and receive it on an old tv I have. I have come across a few roadblocks and I have a few questions about this.

First off, most articles say that the 70cm area for ATV is not large enough to carry audio, so instead it is carried on the vhf band. Is this true?

Second, Where would I be able to acquire the devices needed to transmit ATV? I do not want to transmit at 1.5kw or anything, just a simple setup to experiment in my neighborhood. Does this require some kind of RF amplifier?

Next, just double checking - In order to properly identify my station I just need to have something in the video stream that says my callsign right?

Finally, Is there any tips or advice that anyone has for someone new to ATV?

Thanks, Katt