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Sep 12, 2011
Reeds Spring, Missouri
I use NOAA weather frequencies to test my antenna's. Just passing this news article along so you know.
Happy Testing!

Radio transmitter tuned for better weather warning service:

Cassville area residents can feel safer now during se- vere weather outbreaks thanks to the fine-tuning of the local National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminis- tration's (NOAA) weather radio all hazards transmitter.

"Terrain and other natu- ral features can change over time, and we started getting some complaints about fre- quency interference and un- clear broadcasts from our NOAA weather radio trans- mitter in Cassville," said Bill Davis, meteorologist with the National Weather Serv- ice in Springfield. "We knew we had to take care of the problem to keep our loyal listeners safe from severe weather. We were pleased to find out changing the fre- quencies of the Cassville and Grove, Okla., transmitters will take care of the chal- lenge."

Davis said the change would be official on Oct. 15 for the Cassville transmitter. On that day, broadcasts for Barry, Lawrence, McDonald and Newton counties in southwest Missouri will change from the current 162.525 MHz to 162.500 MHz. The frequency trans- fer includes clearing up sim- ilar problems with the Grove, Okla., transmitter.

Steve Runnels, warning coordination meteorologist, worked closely with mainte- nance specialists at the Kansas City regional office to determine the best avail- able frequency and make changes to ensure strong, clear broadcasts.

"We've completed tests on both transmitters, and they passed with flying col-

ors," Runnels said. "I'm sure everyone within the 40-mile radius will immediately rec- ognize and appreciate the improvements."

The transmitter, WNG608, is located on a tower in Cassville, which is owned by KAMO Electric Cooperative.

NOAA's National Weather Service is the pri- mary source of data, fore- casts and warnings for the United States and its territo- ries. NOAA's Weather Serv- ice operates the most advanced weather and flood warning and forecast system in the world. Links to their organization can be found on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
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