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R30 Battery Only 3 Months Old

Apr 11, 2005
Central Mn
Use the charging cradle but plug it in the wall, not usb. I have 9 charges on mine with no issues so far. When I ordered mine, I made sure to order the battery pack that uses AA batteries, just in case the original goes to crap when I’m away from home. Hope you get it figured out.
Jul 20, 2007
Fairport, ,New York
That fixed it! I let the battery run out again and recharged it in the charging cradle. It was Interesting to see that leaving the radio on while I slept resulted in 18% of the battery capacity remaining when I woke up the next morning. That suggests that the battery is actually ok and I need to get more sleep. Nevertheless, recharging with the charging cradle cleared the message and the information screen says the battery is healthy.

And I did check and I am using firmware 1.10. Thanks again for all the useful suggestions.