BC780xlt vs. BC246t Scanning - Technology or Programming?

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Apr 29, 2011
I have a older BC780xlt that I just finished programming EDacs and Motorola for Pasco County, FL and notice when I have it running side by side with my bc246t, the 780 is missing 1/3 of the conversations. It IS trunking but I notice as they are both scanning it will light up when 246t is talking and even show the same channel, but when the transmission stops they both start scanning roughly the same time and then repeats the same behavior occasionally.
What I have done on the 780xlt
- Even though the Stepping in the manual says 12.5Khz, I have both tried this and Auto and there was no difference so I just left it at Auto.

I just want to reiterate, it IS trunking fine, just seems like the 246 is catching both sides of the conversation better than the 780. Is this because there is better technology in the 780? Seems my 245xlt is even right there with the 246. As we all know the 780 has those beeps after every conversation that seems are just part of that package from my research.

Thanks in advance.
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