BDC536 Programing Help Needed

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Jan 4, 2009
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Thank you!

You've all been very helpful. It seems to have been a mix of quick keys and service type. It still isn't perfect but I am scanning now which was half the battle.
As long as I scanning then it is just a matter of trial and error to start figuring more out.

I have a long road ahead of me but I am starting to not regret my decision to by both the 536 and 436 now :)
This boat we are all in is getting crowded, I hope we all don't sink.

Uniden makes great scanners. The problem is the engineers/designers are Japanese and something is lost in the manual translation into English. I will be glad when the new "Easier-to-Read" Manual is released.

I got more confused the more I used Sentinel, but when I started playing around more with the scanner alone it all started to come together a little. I just think there are too many "variables", such as "ways to enable/disable what is being scanned".

I can program and operate the x96XTs in my sleep, but these x36s are a bear. I was ready to post to Ebay, but I'm not going to let this little radio beat me. Hang in there.
Not open for further replies.