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Carteret County Questions

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Cat Herder
Mar 28, 2004
Richlands, NC
Hello Everyone

Last weekend I took the family fishing in Morehead City with the real reason being for me to monitor the scanner. Was I in for a treat... I logged MANY interesting things to include the following:

  1. Extensive Activity on the VIPER system. I have never seen so much traffic on it, nor have I seen such an intense presence of NCSHP at the festival. Security was VERY VERY high out there. SHP even had their helo over the port for a good period of time communicating on SHP TRP A Common with troopers on the ground. Even logged in a new Talkgroup over VIPER which isnt on the listing, I think Morehead City is now migrating or maintaining a capability on VIPER because thats as close as I was able to come to IDing the TG.
  2. 857.6375 was programmed into my scanner, but I cannot recall why. I may have done a band search and it came up. While in Atlantic Beach I noted activity under 230E SysID. A subsequent search for this system in RR.com yielded nothing. FCC shows it being a SMR system. I had my Pro-97 in MOT mode and logged 4 talkgroups on it. VERY Active, seems that it was used by the port...
  3. 868.875 was the same thing, but I did not note much traffic on there. 2C10 was the Talkgroup ID for this one.
  4. I also logged activity on the Stacy tower of VIPER so its now included...
I definately picked a good time to go out there, but it left me with more questions than answers... Any assistance would be appreciated.


Mar 4, 2002
Blacksburg, VA
Carteret County Sheriff

I didn't enter the VIPER system into my scanner this past weekend when I visited the Crystal Coast, but I am returning the last weekend of this month and I certainly will. What I did notice is I received absolutely no traffic on Carteret County Sheriff 1 during my week visit. I received traffic on all other frequencies. Any ideas?
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