Chesterfield dispatch changes

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Mar 19, 2003
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Chesterfield County started it's ALS Pilot Program last week. This experiment will last 3-4 months to test it's effectiveness. In a nutshell, this is what occured:

1. All fire department ambulances are now BLS. The volunteer rescue squads will still be able to have ALS ambulances, as staffing allows. Designations changed from "Medic 3" to "Ambulance 3."
2. All engine companies are now ALS, and all truck companies are BLS.
3. There are four First Response Vehicles (FRVs), located at Stations 11, 17, 7, and 20. They carry the designation "FRV 11."

When an ALS engine and BLS ambulance run a call together, and the patient warrents ALS intervention, the engine's ALS provider and one of the BLS folks off of the ambulance will trade places until the call is completed.

Hope this is helpful...
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