Collier County Multi Sites ?

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Dec 16, 2011
Naples, FL
Is Site ID 001 primary still. Is there a way to know what the other site ID's are used for and which TGID;s are associated with them.

Each site has there own sets of frequencies, with Site ID 001 having the most, resulting in the highest amount of coverage.

Site ID 001 is still the primary for Naples Simulcast. You will hear almost everything going on in Naples and the surrounding areas of Collier County on these frequencies. Everything from air traffic control, to fire, to police, to EMS, to public works.

Site ID 002 is based for the Immokalee Area.

Site ID 003 is for the Everglades area.

Site ID 004 is for the I-75 (Alligator Alley) area heading out towards Broward County.

Site ID 005 is for the Loop Road area.

Almost all of the talk groups listed at the link below shoud work on the frequencies associated with Site ID 001. But if your trunking, you could play it safe and input the other frequencies from the other sites too, just in case. So you can pick up everything.

Collier County Public Services Trunking System, Collier County, Florida - Scanner Frequencies
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